Puffy – Hit & Fun (2xCD, JAPAN)

14 February 2007 Ki/oon Records KSCL 1097-8
01. Tokyo I’m On My Way
02. Into The Beach (Umi Eto)
03. Electric Beach Fever
04. Hi Hi
05. Hataraku Otoko
06. Red Swing
07. Wild Girls On Circuit
08. Puffy’s Rule
09. Kore Ga Watashino Ikiru Michi
10. Friends
11. Mole-Like
12. Boogie-Woogie No. 5
13. Teen Titans Theme
14. Hito Ni Yasashiku
15. Ai No Shirushi
16. Invisible Tomorrow
17. Hazumu Rhythm
18. Tararan
19. Asia No Junshin (True Asia)
20. Otomemoriaru

Bonus Disc
01. Call Me What You Like (if you like rock-n-roll)
02. Go Baby Power Now
03. Teen Titans Theme (Polysics CD-06 Mix)
04. Basket Case (Live 2006/5/13)

Limited 2 disc edition of Best Of collection issued in slim double CD case with card outer sleeve.

The best of album features a tracklisting chosen by fans of the band and this particular edition includes a bonus 3″ CD including Go Baby Power Now written and produced Jon Spencer and a cover of the Green Day song ‘Basket Case’.

The Japanese version of Go Baby Power Now and was titled Onna Machin Gan (English translation: Girl Machine Gun) with lyrics written by Seiji of Guitar Wolf (who were covered by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion on I Love Guitar Wolf…Very Much).

Go Baby Power Now also features Matt Verta-Ray of Heavy Trash along with Simon Chardiet, Daniel Jodocy and Phil Hernandez (who all performed on the Going Way Out With Heavy Trash album) and Chris Maxwell.

Chris Maxwell and Phil Hernandez make-up The Elegant Too who have worked with Men Without Pants, Tiny Masters of Today, Blues Explosion (Damage) and the Hot Fuzz soundtrack with Jon Spencer.

In the US Puffy are known as Puffy AmiYumi and the Japanese and US editions of Splurge featured the different versions of this track.

Puffy are Onuki Ami and Yoshimura Yumi

Produced: Anders Hellgren & David Myhr of the Merrymakers for monogramrecordings.se
Engineered/Mixed: Anders Hellgren
Recorded & Mixed at Monogram, Stockholm

Drums & Synthesizers: Anders Hellgren
Bass/Guitars/Background Vocals: David Myhr

Mastering: Stephen Marcussen at Marcussen Mastering, Hollywood
Mastering Co-ordination: Jun Umemoto

1.1. Tokyo I’m On My Way
Writer: Dexter Holland
Run Time: 2:43

1.2. Into The Beach (Umi Eto)
Run Time: 3:10

1.3. Electric Beach Fever
Run Time: 3:54

1.4. Hi Hi
Lyrics: Puffy AmiYumi & Andy Sturmer
Music: Andy Sturmer
Run Time: 2:59

1.5. Hataraku Otoko
Run Time: 3:43

1.6. Red Swing
Lyrics: Puffy
Music: Andy Sturmer
Run Time: 3:47

1.7. Wild Girls On Circuit
Run Time: 3:21

1.8. Puffy’s Rule
Run Time: 4:11

1.9. Kore Ga Watashino Ikiru Michi
Run Time: 3:19

1.10. Friends
Lyrics: Puffy
Music: Andy Sturmer
Run Time: 4:36

1.11. Mole-Like
Run Time: 3:17

1.12. Boogie-Woogie No. 5
Run Time: 4:10

1.13. Teen Titans Theme
Writer: Andy Sturmer
Run Time: 3:06

1.14. Hito Ni Yasashiku
Run Time: 3:58

1.15. Ai No Shirushi
Run Time: 2:46

1.16. Invisible Tomorrow
Lyrics: Puffy
Music: Andy Sturmer
Run Time: 3:55

1.17. Hazumu Rhythm
Lyrics: Puffy
Music: Nargo
Run Time: 4:26

1.18. Tararan
Lyrics: Puffy
Music: Andy Sturmer
Run Time: 4:19

1.19. Asia No Junshin (True Asia)
Run Time: 4:41

1.20. Otomemoriaru
Lyrics: Puffy
Music: Anders Hellgren & David Myhr
Run Time: 3:22

2.1. Call Me What You Like
Writer: Butch Walker
Run Time: 2:56

2.2. Go Baby Power Now
Music & Words: Jon Spencer
Produced/Arranged: Jon Spencer
Vocal: Puffy AmiYumi
Shout: Seiji
Acoustic/Electric Guitar & Percussion: Jon Spencer
Guitar (swamp and rockabilly): Matt Verta Ray
Guitar: Chris Maxwell
Double Bass: Simon Chardiet
Drums & Percussion: Phil Hernandez
Box: Daniel Jodocy
Run Time: 2:48

2.3. Teen Titans Theme (Polysics CR-06 Mix)

2.4. Basket Case (Live 2006/5/13)
Lyrics: Billy Armstrong
Music: Billy Armstrong/Michael Pritchard/Frank Wright
(c) 1994 Green Daze Music
Recording/Mixing Engineer: Miura Kensuke (Burnish)
Assistant Engineer: Takane Shinsaku (Burnish)
Run Time: 3:02

Photography: Kitajima Akira (SPUTNIK)
Hair & Make Up: Hamada Masaru (Three Peace)
Styling: Yoshimura Yuiko (D-CORD MANAGEMENT LTD)
Art Direction: TYG (Tycoon Graphics)

BARCODE: 4 582117 986881

CD 1: “LRS-1935X 1 IFPI L278”
CD 2: “LRS-1936X 1 IFPI L278”