Rob K – Dirty 12 [Copper/Black] (7″, GERMANY)

December 2006 Unsound Recordings UNR 01
A. Dirty 12
B. Bad Gita
Rob K - Dirty 12 [Copper/Black] (7", GERMANY) - Cover
Black vinyl 7″ single with in hand numbered and silkscreened sleeve. This version is limited to 149 copies.

The record is available in an edition of 1000 copies with three different sleeves: Red/Black sleeve (31 copies), Copper/Black (149 copies) and Silver/Black (820 copies).

The sleeve is wraparound style with artwork printed on the front and rear and a third part covering the bottom 4cm of the cover. This part features the hand-written number, Unsound Recordings and Publishing details. The record has a die-cut white paper inner sleeve with anti-static lining.

“Rob K, the man with the wildest stories north of Volcano, Hawaii and one time leader of NYC’s legendary Workdogs, returns in a new irresistible incarnation. The Motormouthed Blues Shouter has given up haunting houses and reunited with his rockstar pals to bring us 2 new goddamn dirty pearls: the hot and steamy, sex driven “Dirty 12″ and the more philosophically inspired Bad Gita. Joining Rob are the brightest stars of the New York underground as well as some of the hottest players from the West Coast.” –

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion album Mo’ Width features a track titled Rob K (Rob K is President on the re-release) on which he performs as a preacher. And Jon Spencer has recorded with Rob K on several Workdogs and the following Rob K releases; Dirty 12 7″ single, The End Of The Earth, ExCorpse and The Purgatory Home Companion, Ed. 1

A. Dirty 12
Writers: Kennedy/Abramson
Produced: Rob K/Mark Abramson
Recorded at Zen Jam SF, & Fun House NYC
Rob K
Mark Abramson
DJ Mahem
Jon Spencer
Cristina Martinez
Hollis Queens
Bob Bert

B. Bad Gita
Writer: Kennedy
Produced: Rob K & Jim Waters; Waterworks West, Tucson
Recorded at NY Hed by Matt Verta Ray
Rob K
Scott Jarvis
Matt Verta Ray
Bruce Bennett
Zeke Healy

COVER [main]: Rob K

COVER [bottom flap]: “Unsound Recordings A Division of Unrock Import Service, 8/1000*, Published by King dog Biscuit Co.”

*This edition numbered 1 – 31

REAR: Information as detailed in Song Credits

LABEL SIDE-A: “Rob K – Dirty 12 (Kennedy/Abramson), A 33 1/3, Unsound Recordings, UNR 01”

LABEL SIDE-B: “Rob K – Bad Gita (Kennedy), B 33 1/3, Unsound Recordings, UNR 01”

ARTWORK: Slowboy


A: “VNR 01-A1”
B: “VNR 01-B1”