V/A feat. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – DJ Still Life: The Raw & The Crooked 001 (DOWNLOAD, US)

19 June 2008 Sleeping Giant Music
01. Bauhaus – Double Dare
02. Mr. Dibbs – Habitat Segment
03. Filastine – Judas Goat
04. Sixtoo – A Work In Progress
05. Cocorosie – West Side
06. Cinema – Reflections
07. The Roots – Get Busy
08. Blues Explosion – Fuck Shit Up
09. Dungen – Ett Skool Att Trivas
10. Calle 13 – L Jirafa
11. Rampage – Pump It Up
12. The Heliocentrics – Once Upon A Time
13. Big City – However It Go
14. Portishead – Magic Doors
15. The More Shallows – The Knight At The Night School
16. Rehash – Mind Under Matter
17. Gorillaz – Kids With Guns (Quiet Village Mix)
18. El-P – Jookie Skate Rock
19. Apes & Androids – Doyle Is Dead
20. Ex Ovo Pro – Mr. & Mrs. Scrooples Lament
V/A feat. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - DJ Still Live: The Raw & The Crooked 001 (DOWNLOAD, US)
A download mix created by DJ Still Life featuring Fuck Shit Up from Now I Got Worry by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

The entire mix (32m 24s) was available via the Sleeping Giants official site.

DJ Still Life also released the Still Life Is Unfadeable mix which includes the track Ghostface Killah / Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Holler If You Want To Get Heavy.

08. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Fuck Shit Up
[Original credits from Now I Got Worry (LP, UK)]
Writers: Dub Narcotic
Published: Gravedigger Blues
Guitar/Vocals: Judah Bauer
Drums: Russell Simins
Vocals/Guitar: Jon Spencer
Produced: Jon Spencer and Jim Waters
Recorded at Easley Studio, Memphis; G-Son, Los Angeles; and Waterworks West, Tuscon.
Mixed at Waterworks West.
Engineers: Saylor Breckenrigde, Mario Caldato Jr., Doug Easley, Davis McCain and Jim Waters.
Mastered: Howie Weinberg and Roger Lian at Masterdisk
The following is from a blog entry regarding this mix posted on EarFuzz.com [LINK] by DJ Still Life.

“Back from the cocoon of life in the city to lay this mess on you. Enclosed find all the clangs, blips, whistles, beeps and hums I could cram into a half an hour beat head bouillabaisse. This is the first monthly installment of a podcast series I’ll be doing with my Sleeping Giant brethren. It feels kind of like an unburdening (a bloodletting? I guess I wouldn’t know what that feels like) to get this out there, as most of these records have been accumulating without a real outlet for what seems like too long. Plug in, and let it seep. All types of gratitude to the earfuzz Illuminati who have been keeping this place nice ‘n’ tidy.”

ARTWORK: DJ Still Life