V/A feat. The Tremolo Beer Gut – Abus 69 (CD, FRANCE)

2003 Abus Dangereux Abus 69
01. Radio 4 – Sink So Slow
02. Thomas Belhom – In A Frame
03. Justin Vollmar – Do You Have Hope In Your Eyes
04. Jean-Luc Le Ténia – Un Garçon Sensible
05. Jimmy Wank – Lost In The City
06. Holy Curse – Oded On You
07. Nostromo – Stillborn Prophet
08. Gluecifer – Easy Living
09. Peter von Poehl – Virgin Mountains
10. The Songs – Poor Odysseus
11. Lola Barbershop – Ticket To Happiness
12. Poor Rich Ones – Drown
13. Sister Sony – Burning Teddy
14. Thau – Favourite Dream
15. The Mopeds – Spend Some Time
16. The Tremolo Beer Gut – Tahonga Lounge Babe
V/A feat. The Tremolo Beer Gut - Abus 69 (CD, FRANCE)
Compilation CD given away with Abus Dangereux issue 81 including The Tremolo Beer Gut (ft. Jon Spencer) – Tahonga Lounge Babe (Most Groovy).

This song was originally released on the vinyl edition of Under The Influence of The Tremolo Beer Gut and also appeared on From The Vinyl Archives Of… (CD, DENMARK).

The Tremolo Beer Gut would record a version of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion track She Said which was released as a b-side to the single Shakin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Tonight and a few years later Yebo (of The Tremolo Beer Gut) was to perform in the Heavy Trash live band and appears on Going Way Out with Heavy Trash.

“Who was the first guest at the Crunchy Frog show case at CMJ ’99? Yes indeed: Jon Spencer. In the time after these meetings the bands tried hard to get to play together in Japan, but as every attempt failed The Tremolo Beer Gut ended up doing a European tour together in ’00 with Spencer’s other band, Boss Hog. Playing London, Amsterdam, Malmö, Hamburg and Berlin, the bands ended their tour by playing a version of Sonic Youth’s “Death Valley ’69” together in Berlin. The Beer Gut played the back line and the girls of Boss Hog sang, while Jon Spencer did the front of the house sound. A psychedelic experience indeed!”

– thetremolobeergut.dk

16. The Tremolo Beer Gut – Tahonga Lounge Babe (Most Groovy)
Produced by The Great Nalna and The Tremolo Beer Gut.
Engineering assistance by Batti and Marco Manieri.
Recorded in Malmö at Gula, Tambourine Studios and The Eggstone Rehearsal Complex through Shure 57’s and Sennheiser 421’s during October 2000.
All songs written, arranged and executed by The Beer Gut.
All songs published by Crunchy Tunes.
Writers: Reginal/Spencer
Lyrics: Jon Spencer
Guest Vocal: Jon Spencer (via telephone from NYC)
Lead Guitar: The Great Nalna.

ARTWORK: [unknown]


MATRIX: [unknown]

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