Andrew Hooper Talks Dog Party ‘Hit & Run’ & Jon Spencer ‘Beetle Boots’

““Beetle Boots” was similar in days to shoot. Since Jon was across the country, we had Matt Pitkoff shoot his stuff out there and send it to me. Jon’s a natural performer, and Matt captured it perfectly. They gave me amazing stuff to work with. I had showed Jon a few examples of what I needed him to do, and they knocked it out of the park. I was really excited to piece it together. The editing for this one was probably the most intense editing I’ve ever done on a project. Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of it is frame by framed, new things constantly coming and going… this took me about a solid business week of editing. I’m talking full 24 hour days. I remember going to bed at night a lot of the times (or maybe it was the morning?) and my eyes would be jittering back and forth for a while because I’d just been staring at a screen for hours, perfecting every little detail I threw in.”


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