Boss Hog – Drinkin’, Lechin’ & Lyin’ [2016] [Mail Order Edition] (LP, US)

31 April 2016 Amphetamine Reptile AMREP106
A1. Trigger, Man
A2. Pull Out
A3. Spanish Fly

B1. Dandelion
B2. Sugar Bunny
B3. Fix Me

Boss Hog - Drinkin', Lechin' & Lyin' [2016] [Mail Order Edition] (LP, US)
2016 reissue of Drinkin’, Lechin’ & Lyin’, this is the ‘Mail Order Edition’ with numbered sleeve, on split black / purple vinyl with silk-screened art taken from a lino-cut artwork by Haze XXL, also reissued as a tour edition on white vinyl, black vinyl and on CD. First available via on 1 May 2016.

The original 1989 release had a stickered cover which censored the artwork, copies sold in Japan had the cover censored with the offending area scratched off by hand and the album was issued on vinyl (in Europe and the US) and cassette with an alternate cover design.

The following excerpt comes from an interview in Fiz magazine (Issue #7, July/August 1993) and relates to the look of Cristina on the cover of the original vinyl version of this release (on which this lino-cut design is based):

Fiz: The first one has that real cheesecakse/pinup girl look to it. I like that kind of stuff.
Cristina: It’s supposed to be like Femlin, the party joke girl in Playboy.

Fiz: Wow, I never even equated the two. I didn’t even realize she had a name.

Cristina: Just a bit of trivia for you. But yeah, that’s what I was going for there. I actually had this make up artist there who painted my nipples black! It was really funny. Having some woman, while I’m sitting there having a cigarette, painting my nipples black.

Fiz: Why would you do that?

Cristina: (laughing) Because Femlins nipples are black! She’s just an outline. We were trying to make it as high contrast as possible, so it was like an outline with black gloves and boots, black hair and black nipples.” – Fiz Magazine

The following comes from an interview with Cristina Martinez in S&M Magazine regarding the sleeve and reaction to it:

S&M: And you know I’m gonna ask this one as well. Why did you pose naked for the first album? And I bet you’re sick of this question.

Cristina: I believe that the album cover should reflect the content of the material within the record…

S&M: Which it does

Cristina: …which it does, and it has in every case, and that’s always been important to me, and the first record was a real sort of raw exposure of myself, and a real changing point, and it was coming out for me.

S&M: I believe you got some stick off your friends for doing it?

Cristina: I did. A lot of people took it the wrong way and thought it was some sort of sexploitation-like cheap thrills, sort of shock value thing on my part, and that was not the case. It was disappointing.” – Gerry Mander / S&M Magazine

Boss Hog – Drinkin’, Lechin’ & Lyin’ [1989] (LP, US)
Boss Hog – Drinkin’, Lechin’ & Lyin’ [1989] (CASSETTE, US)
Boss Hog – Drinkin’, Lechin’ & Lyin’ [1989] (LP, GERMANY)
Boss Hog – Drinkin’, Lechin’ & Lyin’ [2016] [Mail Order Edition] (Purple/Black) (LP, US)
Boss Hog – Drinkin’, Lechin’ & Lyin’ [2016] [Tour Edition] (White/Purple) (LP, US)
Boss Hog – Drinkin’, Lechin’ & Lyin’ [2016] [Black Vinyl] (LP, US)
Boss Hog – Drinkin’, Lechin’ & Lyin’ [2016] (CD, US)

The Boss Hog All-Stars: Cristina, Jon Spencer, Kurt Wolf, Jerry Teel & Charlie Ondras
Recorded with Steve in Chicago in 1989
Linocut Revamp: Haze XXL


A: “Thanks Bunny, Fluss, Mia & Toad 140831E1/A AMREP 106 A K SST”
B: “All these cats in heaven AMREP 106 B K SST 140831E2/A”