Beck – Just Wanna Die (VIDEOS/SET LIST, US)

Beck - Trees, Dallas, TX, US (17 June 1994) - Set List Beck has covered the Pussy Galore song Just Wanna Die (from Groovy Hate Fuck) during in his live sets.

The interview segment says that Jon Spencer would perform Pussy Galore songs with Beck possibly when they were touring together in August 1994.

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“(Buzzy no 14, October 1994)
Beck: Yeah! Wow. We did Pussy Galore songs, and he would come out and start singin’ em. We wouldn’t even ask him.

The Blues Explosion did Pussy Galore songs?

Beck: No, no. We did. My band.

Oh, really? What did you do?

Beck: We did “I Just Wanna Die,” “Constant Pain,” “Pussy Stomp.””

Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, US (27 June 1994):


Trees, Deep Elm, Dallas, TX on 17 June 1994:


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