Boat – Dress Like Your Idols (CD/LP, US)

22 March 2011 Magic Marker mmr060CD/LP
01. Changing of the Guard
02. Bite My Lips
03. King Kong
04. L-O-V-E
05. Forever in Armitron
06. Classically Trained
07. Water it Down
08. Kinda Scared of Love Affairs
09. Landlocked (featuring J. Roderick)
10. Do the Double Take
11. Frank Black Says
12. Noises in the Night
13. Dress Like Your Idols
Boat - Dress Like Your Idols (CD/LP, US)
Dress Like Your Idols is the new album by Boat, released 22 March 2011 on vinyl, CD and download by Magic Marker Records. The sleeve features parodies of the artists and records that influenced the album and includes Orange by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

“The first 100 pre-orders receive HISS LIKE YOUR IDOLS. It is a fuzzy cassette tape with demos, covers, and a mix of songs that inspired the new LP. Each one was hand colored by D. Crane, while watching bad television.”

ARTWORK: [unknown]

BARCODE: [unknown]

MATRIX: [unknown]

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