Fairport Convention – Unhalfbricking (LP, UK)

1969 Island ILPS 9102
A1. Genesis Hall
A2. Si Tu Dois Partir
A3. Autopsy
A4. A Sailor’s Life

B1. Cajun Woman
B2. Who Knows Where The Time Goes
B3. Percy’s Song
B8. Million Dollar Bash

Fairport Convention - Unhalfbricking (LP, UK)
1969 album featuring Who Knows Where The Time Goes which was covered by Cat Power & Dirty Delta Blues on the Dark End of the Street EP.

“”Who Knows Where the Time Goes?” is a song written by the English folk-rock singer and songwriter Sandy Denny. The song was originally recorded by Denny privately in 1967, and again during her time with Strawbs. It is best known in the version sung by Denny on the Fairport Convention album Unhalfbricking.” – wikipedia.org

Vocals/Guitar/Dulcimer [Electric]/Accordion [Piano]/Organ: Richard Thompson
Vocals/Harpsichord: Sandy Denny
Vocals/Bass: Ashley Hutchings
Drums: Martin Lamble
Guitar/Dulcimer [Electric]/Backing Vocals: Simon Nicol
Fiddle: Dave Swarbrick

Produced: Fairport Convention/Joe Boyd
Recorded: January-April 1969 at Sound Techniques and Olympic Studios, London

A1. Genesis Hall
Writer: Richard Thompson
Run Time: 3:41

A2. Si Tu Dois Partir
Writer: Bob Dylan

A3. Autopsy
Writer: Sandy Denny
Run Time: 4:27

A3. A Sailor’s Life
Writers: Trad. arr Sandy Denny/Richard Thompson/Simon Nicol/Ashley Hutchings/Martin Lamble
Run Time: 11:20

B1. Cajun Woman
Writer: Richard Thompson
Run Time: 2:45

B3. Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
Writer: Sandy Denny
Published: Winckler Music (BMI)
Run Time: 5:13

B4. Percy’s Song
Writer: Bob Dylan
Run Time: 6:55

B5. Million Dollar Bash
Writer: Bob Dylan
Run Time: 2:56

ARTWORK: [unknown]


SIDE A: “ILPS 9102 A # 1”
SIDE B: “ILPS 9102 B # 1”

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