Jack ‘O Fire – Bring Me The Head of Jon Spencer (7″, US)

1992 Undone UR-002
A. Asked For Water

B1. Meet Your Death
B2. No Love Lost

Jack 'O Fire - Bring Me The Head of Jon Spencer (7", US) - Cover
Black vinyl 7″ single of covers by Jack ‘O Fire issued in picture sleeve with die-cut paper inner sleeve.

Included in the non-JSBX section due to the Jon Spencer reference in the title.

Jack O’Fire appears Courtesy of Estrus Records.

Vocals & Harp: Walter Daniels
Stand-Up Bass: Dean Gunderson
Drums: Joshua La Rue
Guitar: Tim Kerr

01. Asked For Water
Writer: Chester Burnet

02. Meet Your Death
Writer: Blind Willie McTell

03. No Love Lost
Writers: Joy Division
B3 Hammond: Pepper Wilson w/Leslie Speaker

“Jack O’Fire is not just a bourgeois band in the traditional sense of the word, it’s mire than that. It is a living contemporary history at the grass roots level. It is something to be studied and grasped and saved for future generations to listen, learn and understand. Jack O’Fire is on a mission to educate, liberate, and inspire the young masses by the only means necessary …Rhythm & Blues.

Jack O’Fire is bringing the words and music of our founding fathers, Chester Burnett, Marion Walter Jacobs, and Blind Willie McTell (to name a few) front and center, to the forefront so to speak. Jack O’Fire’s teaching also encompass lessons taught by earlier movements that were set up to educate the then so called Cats & Kittens with the same spirit, attitude, and fervor that this New Breed or Young Lions Conspiracy as later historians will label this new generation. All this is done in hopes that the young cat or riot grrrl will seek a strong foundation for the next plan of attack.

The actual band members or players on this particular board of education are there only tao act as a sort of mirror. A reflection of a past and present future that asks only:

What are you doing to participate?

Big Daddy Soul”

“UNDONE would like to thank: Kelly von Plonski (photo), Dave Ficher (label Design), Unclean Records, Spot.”

Photo: Kelly von Plonski
Design: EartH
Label Design: Dave Ficher


A: [unknown]*
B: [unknown]

*includes “Bring Me the hands of Steve Turner” text

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