Lyrics > R.L. Burnside – The Criminal Inside Me

Writers: Burnside / Explosion
Published: [unknown]
From: R.L. Burnside – A Ass Pocket of Whiskey (CD, UK)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Text in BLUE is spoken by Jon and text in RED is incorrect.
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Mama, mama
I want some milk

Yeah, back years ago
In the month of June
When all those animals got together
And had that party down at the house of brother [unknown]
Now the little monkey
He was most delighted
He was a hot mother ’cause he wasn’t invited
Well late that night, he looked at his watch
I got half past nine
I know god damn well it’s party time
Looked up over his door
Got that long 44
Started walkin’ down the street
Whilst walking down the street, he was walking slow
He sees a hen up in the air and don’t lie on the road

Then he went on down to this building
Where they were having this party at
And he made a loud knock on the door
Say you mammy fuckers
Get your drink down and you god damn tardy
You better give me some of that shits or I’ll bring up the mother fucking party

Said I got an ass pocket of whiskey and a front pocket of gin
If you don’t open this door I’ll kick the mother fucker in
That’s when the lion jumped up, you know
Said listen to that little square out there talkin’ shit
It couldn’t mean a thing
Tryin’ to bullshit the public, know damn well I’m the king
But they opened the door and opened it wide
Little mad monkey stepped inside
All you motherfuckers [unknown]
Quit your clowning ’cause you know you’re wrong
Throw the queen of diamonds on the table and four of diamonds on the floor
And cut their legs out with his ’44
By that time one them pimps got the light
He jumped up on the counter and throw back his vest
And said every motherfucker in here is under arrest
He’s the Police, you know
He was the main man, you know

Well, well, well
Hey R. L.
R. L. Burnside
Talk to me now
R. L.
R. L. Listen man
I’m a little, wait a second, I’m a little short of money right now and I was wondering R.L., R.L. you got forty nickles

How many?
I need forty nickles for a bag of potato chips, c’mon man
If you don’t get out of my face quick I’m gonna kick yo ass you son of a bitch


I’ll tell you what
C’mon, I need forty nickles
I’m not talking about the big bag of potato chips

I’ll tell you what if you don’t get out of here and make it fast I’m gonna put my foot right in your ass