Lyrics > R.L. Burnside – Tojo Told Hitler

Writers: Burnside
Published: Mocking Bird Music (BMI)
From: R.L. Burnside – A Ass Pocket of Whiskey (CD, UK)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Text in RED is incorrect.
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When they bomb Pearl Harbour that night, you know?
Tojo he jumped-up out of his bed, man, dialled the operator
Operators give me 1, 1, 0, 9, said I wanna speak to Adolf Hitler who is a personal friend of mine
Said look operator, say, I want you to get these god damn numbers straight
So tell Adolf there ain’t no use in Russian ‘cos they already too mother fucking late
By that time the phone rang, you know, and Adolf jumped-up out of his bed
No hat on his head, no shoes on his feet and his heart beating like steel
‘Cos he knows Tojo was his driving wheel

Hello Tojo, said hello Adolf
I just called, I know the king of Japan is here but I’m calling to tell you I’m a worried a man
He said I just told my wife before I left
When I get to your god damn house I’d kick your god damn ass myself
There ain’t a god damn thing you told me come out right
I thought you said them allieds couldn’t fight
You fooled us well down yon in boogunsville
For 15000 of our best men just fucked around and got killed
Said that’s what I told her last night before I left
If I get to your god damn house I’d kick your god damn ass myself
I was in the back then, you know, with my head in a paper sack
But I was steady telling Nellie to kept her belly close to mine, you know

Well, well, well
So the bee stuing the bull and started them a fucking
Even Adam broke the law and started the whole world a-fucking
[Oh yeah]

And they said it agin, just two people in the world just Eve and Adam
It must have been someone else here
Eve know somebody else but Adam didn’t but eve did
Too many different nations of people in the world
I don’t care what the people said
Somebody else gettin’ in-between Eves legs