Lyrics > R.L. Burnside – 2 Brothers

Writers: Burnside
Published: Mocking Bird Music (BMI)
From: R.L. Burnside – A Ass Pocket of Whiskey (CD, UK)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Text in BLUE is spoken by Jon Spencer, text in RED unconfirmed.
Alice Mae
Boogie Chillen
The Criminal Inside Me
Goin’ Down South
Have You Ever Been Lonely?
Highway 7
Poor Boy
Shake ‘em On Down
Snake Drive
2 Brothers
Tojo Told Hitler
Walkin’ Blues
Well, well, well
I just ran out of meth
Gimmie a little time to think
Why you fix me another mother fucking drink
Kinda drink?

These two twin brothers you know
Been out partying one night
They done got about hide nor hair again
But they got a just a about a pound of that shit they can’t own whaddaya know
One of these brothers stuck it in his inside coat pocket
Just before they get to the house they got to get over a fence at the yard, you know
One got over
The other went to get over and fell
Brother reached down, got him up
He walked on for about eight or ten feet
Said man, you know I feel something running down my leg
The other brother said “I sure hope that’s blood, I hope you ain’t busted that god damn bottle of gin”

But, boy this friend of mine
Went home one night
He was pretty fucked up, you know
He didn’t know what house he was in
This guy he was just feeling through there you know
Looking, he says “I don’t know whether I’m at home or not”
Finally he looked in the bedroom and there lay his wife there you know
Felt good then
Some mother fucker in the bed with his wife, you know