Lyrics > Solex vs Cristina Martinez + Jon Spencer – Galaxy Man

Writers: Esselink / Spencer
Published: Harley, Buma-Stemra / Patrica Ann Music, BMI
From: Solex vs Cristina Martinez + Jon Spencer – Amsterdam Throwdown King Street Showdown! (CD, EUROPE)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Text in BLUE sung by Jon Spencer, text in RED is incorrect.
Bon Bon
Fire Fire
Galaxy Man
R is for Ring-a-Ding
The Uppercut
Dog Hit
Don't Hold Back
Too Much, Too Fast
Racer X
Eat Here
Stop Now
Er Ez Ex
Come on baby and play that song
Come on baby, baby, baby

Baby, baby
You know I got it all wrong
Move on baby
Come on baby

Baby, baby
They call me the Galaxy Man
Baby, baby
I want you to rock the boat
Come on over
Baby baby
Come on over
Come on over

21st century man
Baby, baby
I need you to hold on to, move on baby
Baby baby
Groove on baby
Groove on baby
Got a third eye
Brothers and sisters, galaxy
struggle inside
Astoroid nuggets, yeah, roll got to me
I mean tofu
I’ve got a hat that I put on top of my head when the rain comes down
I’m that Galaxy Man