Turned Out A Punk – Episode 33: Jon Spencer


Jon Spencer talks to Damian Abraham on the Turned Out A Punk podcast.

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Episode description:

“Are you excited? Because Damian sure is, as this week he gets to meet his guest, the legendary Jon Spencer, for the first time! Sit back as Jon talks about his journey from good kid to ultra negative Pussy Galore front man to a Rock and Roll celebrating music icon
Also touched on:
-Not listening to Rock and Roll as kid
-Hearing about Punk
-Wining a subscription to Heavy Metal magazine through and Art prize and discovering the Residents
-Night Flight, MTV and New Wave videos
-Being a hater of 70’s rock
-Going to New York to listen through the door to the Swans’ practices
-Chemicals and Adolescents: From being a good student to Pussy Galore
-The original Pussy Galore that became Phillastones
-Shithaus: industrial terror and art happenings
-Not jiving with the hardcore rules
-Accidentally winding up being neighbors with CBGBs
-Looking up to the Fall
-Pussy Galore: Bratty and not about fostering anything positive
-It’s hard to maintain doing something so poisonous
-Taking advantage of the Post-Nirvana music landscape
-The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and messing with people
-Caroline Records
-Pussy Galore And White Zombie
-Gerard Cosloy and Pussy Galore Go To White Castle
-Matador Records
-Jesus Lizard: peers and mentors
-Boss Hog’s Joe’s Apartment
-Having off nights
-Your parents coming to shows
-Jon Spencer
-Cinema Of Transgression
-Working with Weird Al
-Chain Gang
-AND MORE!!!!”

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