V/A feat. Judah Bauer / 20 Miles – Joe’s Blue Plate Special Vol. 22 & 23 (CD, US)

2000 Joe’s Blue Plate Special JBPS2223
Volume 22:
01. Los Villians 99 – Marked Card
02. Povi – Creatures
03. Kid Koala – Fender Bender
04. Filibusters – Pale Winter
05. The Bouncing Souls – Neirotic (Live)
06. Rinocerose – La Guitaristic House Organisation
07. Jupiter Effect – White Knuckle Sound

Volume 23:
01. Rank Strangers – Passerby
02. Enon – Get The Letter Out
03. Stuart Davis – I’m Only Changing Drugs
04. Acrobat Down – Never Haircut
05. Judah Bauer – Talk To Me (Live)
06. Garageland – Never Gonna Come Around Here Again
07.Sloe Jamm The Punk – Fear of Reflection

V/A feat. Judah Bauer - Joe's Blue Plate Special Vol. 22 & 23 (CD, US) - Cover
CD featuring two thirty minute radio shows. Volume 23 includes an exclusive interview with Judah Bauer and a 20 Miles live recording of Talk To Me from the album I’m A Lucky Guy.
Produced: Olga Wilhelmine Munding
Engineered / Recorded / Mastered: Lorne Bregutzer
Additional Production: Christina Minicucci / Dave Corey / Robin Borges / Wendy Rubin
Manufacturing: Joe’s Production & Grille, Inc.

05. Judah Bauer / 20 Miles – Talk To Me (Live)
Writers: 20 Miles
Published: 20 Miles Publishing
Guitar / Vocals: Judah Bauer
Drums: Donovan Bauer

Sleeve features short notes for each track including Twenty Miles:

“Judah Bauer is best known for his day job as the six-string sidekick to John Spencer in the Blues Explosion. But there’s more music in Judah beyond the Blues Explosion, and so Twenty Miles was born. Joined by brother Donovan on drums, Twenty Miles is the intensely raw pairing of only guitar and percussion that finds Judah often delving into a more melodic and emotional side of himself (Oxford, MS).”

ARTWORK: [unknown]