V/A feat. Men Without Pants / Childballads – Genius of US Rock & Britpop (2xCD, FRANCE)

2010 Naïve NS 91652
1.01. Gossip – Yr Mangled Heart
1.02. Sonic Youth – Incinerate
1.03. Bloc Party – Helicopter
1.04. Oasis – Lyla
1.05. Placebo – Meds
1.06. BellRays – The Same Way
1.07. Babyshambles – You Talk
1.08. Pipettes – Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me
1.09. Men Without Pants- My Balloon
1.10. Lanskies – Dirty Harry
1.11. Heavy – That Kind of Man
1.12. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Whatever Happened to My Rock ‘n’ Roll
1.13. Black Angels – Your Men Dead
1.14. Flaming Lips – Free Radicals
1.15. Lords of Altamont – Cyclone

2.01. Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun
2.02. Dandy Warhols – Bohemian Like You
2.03. Pronto – When I’m on the Rocks
2.04. Childballads – Cheekbone Hollows
2.05. Marianne Faithfull – Hold on Hold On
2.06. Calc – Bad Actor
2.07. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth
2.08. Pete & the Pirates – Mr Understanding
2.09. Pierces – Sticks and Stones
2.10. Andre Williams – Never Had a Problem
2.11. Divine Comedy – A Lady of a Certain Age
2.12. Vandaveer- Roman Candle
2.13. Catriona Irving – Sitting on the Shelf Without Shelly
2.14. Gemma Ray – So Do I
2.15. Walkmen – The Rat

V/A feat. Heavy Trash - Indetendances 42: Special Noel 2009 (2xCD, FRANCE)
French double-CD compilation including Men Without Pants (My Balloon from Naturally) and Childballads (Cheekbone Hollows from Cheekbone Hollows (Pop. 1/2 Life) EP).
1.09. Men Without Pants- My Balloon
Men Without Pants is Russell Simins and Dan The Automator
All Tracks Written by Men Without Pants
Produced: Russell Simins and Dan the Automator
Recorded by Jamey Staub, Jay Braun, Phil Hernandez, Chris Maxwell, Danny Madorsky and Dan The Automator
Recorded at Empire VU NYC, 2 Berry Brooklyn, Elegant Too Recording NYC and The Glue Factory SF
Mastered by Andy Heermans at Polywog Recording Co NYC
Published: Russell Simins (BMI), Sharkman Songs (ASCAP), Negaverse Music (ASCAP), Elegant Too Music (ASCAP), Money Waters Music (BMI) and Electric Sweat (ASCAP).

2.04. Childballads – Cheekbone Hollows
Vocals/Acoustic Guitar: Stewart Lupton
Wurlitzer/Farfisa/Viola/Vocals: Betsy Wright
Drums: Hugh McIntosh
Lead Guitar: Judah Bauer
Engineered: Steve Killey

ARTWORK: [unknown]

BARCODE: [unknown]

CD 1: [unknown]
CD 2: [unknown]

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