Workdogs – One Night Only (LP, US)

1995 In The Red Records ITR035
01. Graveyard
02. I’m Wrong
03. Totally Different Boogie
04. Unbroken

01. Insane Asylum
02. I Saw Mommy…
03. Roberta
04. Boo

Workdogs - One Night Only (LP, US) - Cover
Live LP on black vinyl with die-cut white paper inner sleeve, issued much later as an expanded download version. Features Jon Spencer and Jerry Teel of Boss Hog and Honeymoon Killers.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion album Mo’ Width features a track titled Rob K (Rob K is President on the re-release) on which he performs as a preacher. And Jon Spencer has recorded with Rob K on several Workdogs and the following Rob K releases; Dirty 12 7″ single, The End Of The Earth, ExCorpse and The Purgatory Home Companion, Ed. 1.

Bass/Words: Rob Kennedy
Drums: Scott Jarvis
Guitar: Jerry Teel
Guitar/Theremin: Jon Spencer

Recorded August 9th & 11th, 1992
Recording Engineer: Jerry Teel

All Songs (c)1995, 1994 Workdogs, Jarvis, Kennedy
King Dog Biscuit ASCAP

Except: Insane Asylum by Willie Dixon Arc Music Corp., BMI

p 1995 Workdogs

“Perhaps the most odious aspect of managing the Workdogs is fielding the inevitable phone call from their sideman on the day after a hot gig. Basking in the afterglow of the previos p.m., he or she is full of blues bravado and bluster and ready to take on the entire planet siding with the ‘dogs. It is my disagreeable duty to have to bring them back to reality – the Workdogs gig is – ONE NIGHT ONLY!

It is the principal that the Workdogs were built upon: every guest shall have his or her chance to blow the ‘dogs into another dimension – each and every one of them bringing something special and unique to the stage – for ONE NIGHT ONLY!

That’s all you get. It wouldn’t be the way the Workdogs want it – DIFFERENT – each and every night, if they didn’t change the lineup each and every night. I show compassion and offer the consolation that there will be some sort of alumni reunion as there usually is – ONE NIGHT ONLY!

I never mention the Workdogs’ penchant for pairing improbable sideman combos like slide trombone and lap steel guitar, or inviting ten musicians to participate in a karaoke cover band. That’s the chance they take playing with the Workdogs. Odds are that they will never see Rob and Scott again. Or maybe they’ll get a phone call at 4 a.m. some Sunday night with some strange address and an invitation to jam – ONE NIGHT ONLY!

But musicians are a depressing lot, prone to morosity and tending to dwell on imagined wrongs. I have had to take out restraining orders against more than one fanatical sideman to discourage their obsessive behavior. Fortunately this did not apply to the two sidemen represented here. They understood instinctively that this was it – the night that all the other nights had been leading up to – ONE NIGHT ONLY!” – Yves Bisquet, NYC

Jacket Design: Kurt Hoffman


A: “ITR-035-1 S – 32822”
B: “ITR-035-2 S – 32823”