December 23 – On This Day!

1991: Boss Hog – Musiktheater BAD, Hannover, Germany

1994: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – The Jon Stewart Show, New York City, NY, US

“You’re sitting at home right now, little half a loaf of fruitcake in the stomach wondering who’s the hottest band in New York right now? That’s what you’re wondering, who’s packing them into the clubs? Ladies and gentlemen we got the answer right here tonight performing Ditch from their album Orange, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.” – Jon Stewart

2011: Pussy Galore – Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ, US
w/ Yo La Tengo and Todd Barry

“First to take the stage at last night’s fourth of Yo La Tengo’s eight Hanukkah shows at Maxwell’s, reunited garage rock band Pussy Galore wasted no time testing the crowd’s enthusiasm for raging 80s punk, as Jon Spencer, Julie Cafritz, Kurt Wolf and Bob Bert opened their relentless forty minute fifteen song set with the antagonistic ‘You Look Like a Jew.’

A glammed up Spencer spit and sweated his way through, his upper lip curled and hanging on the microphone through every track, as Cafritz, dolled up like a hardened 50s bombshell, backed him up with a constant chorus of obscenity until, after closing the show with ‘Evil Eye’ and ending with Spencer’s final words of “so f*** you,” Cafritz smiled and wished the crowd a “happy Hanukkah and merry Christmas.”

Whether or not the attitude was all an act, there was one genuine moment of authentic attitude when an overeager fan stormed the stage to snatch Spencer’s set list, returning to the crowd only to have Spencer snatch it back. However, Spencer then stuck it in his yellow cotton tote and had a genuine smile on his face as he pulled up tape on his hands and knees and packed up his guitar while less greedy fans approached the stage just to say hello and thank him for the show.”

Photo / Text: Adam Robb / For The Jersey Journal

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