Jon Spencer – Calvin Klein Jeans (ADVERTS, US)

June 1999
Jon Spencer - Calvin Klein Jeans (ADVERT, US)
Calvin Klein adverts featuring Jon Spencer, one of these images was also issued as a promotional slide

Rolling Stone featured a short article about this campaign in June 1999:

“What comes between Matador labelmates Liz Phair and Jon Spencer? Nothing but their Calvin’s.

The sizzling neo-blues rocker and sexy songstress are among the beautiful musical people recently recruited by Calvin Klein for a print ad campaign for his cK and cK Jeans clothing lines. Also lined up for the high-profile gig are Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, rapper Foxy Brown, Garbage’s Shirley Manson, Hole’s Melissa Auf der Maur, Marvelous 3’s Butch Walker and Orgy’s Ryan Shuck, among other mid-level hipsters. Details are scant about what items will actually be modeled. Manson’s representative, however, says the coquettish Scot will don some minimalist clothing, but “will absolutely not be modeling underwear.”

This isn’t the first time Klein has gone the rocker route: two years ago, he employed suitably waifish Royal Trux singer Jennifer Herrema in a print campaign.” –

“SEPT. 13, 1999
Brand X: Calvin Rocks
By Simon Dumenco

BRAND: Calvin Klein
CAMPAIGN: cK Calvin Klein Jeans

Seems Calvin Klein was feeling sorry for Tommy Hilfiger, so he let him have Jewel for his cheesy “Tommy Rocks” ads, but Calvin’s still keeping nearly every other pop pinup for his new CK Jeans campaign. So far, he’s snagged musicians Liz Phair, Foxy Brown, Hole’s Melissa auf Der Maur, Jon Spencer, Garbagewoman Shirley Manson, and Orgy’s Jay Gordon, along with actors-on-the-verge Vincent Kartheiser and Julia Stiles. The message: Calvin owns pop culture, or at least pop culture with pretensions to edginess. By the way, you’re not allowed to think that Liz et al. are any less edgy for hawking denim, because this is the post-sellout era, wherein you’re selling yourself short if you haven’t sold out. The beauty of it all is that the campaign makes its ordinarily inaccessible celebrity subjects seem not just hyper-desirable but in heat. And, my God, so vulnerable. Foxy’s on her knees. Liz is hiking up her tank top. Tears are streaming down Julia’s face (won’t you kiss away her pain?). And Jay’s facedown and blissed out like some character in a Dennis Cooper novel waiting to be sexually annihilated. It’s all so weirdly alluring and unsettlingly up-close and personal that you’re temporarily distracted from the fact that what’s going on here is basically Calvin’s old basement-rec-room aesthetic. Except he’s traded up – better lighting, slightly more upscale interiors, and a lineup of unexpectedly fuckable young stars who somehow look just as needy as you.” –