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Jon Spencer  - Rolling Stone Hebdo: Cover / Feature (PRESS, FRANCE) Rolling Stone Hebdo: Cover / Feature (PRESS, FRANCE)
COVER ONLY: Issue includes Jon Spencer cover / interview
V/A feat. Jon Spencer - Ashkan Sahihi: The New York Years (PRESS, US) Ashkan Sahihi: The New York Years (PRESS, US)
PHOTOS: Features an image of Jon Spencer
Jon Spencer - My Rock: Échappé Solo? (PRESS, FRANCE) Music Portraits 1989-2001 (BOOK, US)
PHOTOS: Features an image of Jon Spencer
Jon Spencer - My Rock: Échappé Solo? (PRESS, FRANCE) My Rock: Échappé Solo? (PRESS, FRANCE) 2019.07.00
Jon Spencer - FOXES Magazine: Feature (PRESS, UK) Rolling Stone (PRESS, GERMANY) 2019.05.00
Jon Spencer & The HITmakers - The New Yorker: Rough Trade NYC [Show Preview](PRESS, US) The New Yorker: Rough Trade NYC [Show Preview](PRESS, US) 2019.01.31
Jon Spencer - FOXES Magazine: Feature (PRESS, UK) FOXES Magazine: Feature (PRESS, UK) 2018.11.09
Vive Le Rock: Bristol Exchange [Review] (PRESS, UK) Vive Le Rock: Bristol Exchange [Review] (PRESS, UK)
Uncut: Album by Album / Spencer Sings The Hits [Review] (PRESS, UK)
SCAN: Three page article and review
Mojo: Self Portrait [Article] (PRESS, UK)
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Ruta 66: El Regreso de JSBX (PRESS, SPAIN)
SCAN: Spanish-language interview (8 Pages).
Trois questions à Jon spencer Le flamboyant leader du Blues Explosion connaît le Lower East Side comme (PRESS, BELGUIM)
TEXT: Short French-language interview with Jon Spencer
2010.03.12 Jon Spencer – Interview (PRESS, AUSTRALIA)
TEXT: Extensive interview with Jon Spencer
Uncut: Ch-Ch-Changes (PRESS, UK)
SCAN: Two-page article with a series of photographs with commentary from Jon Spencer
(Jan 2011) Be Specific: Blues Explosion’s Jon Spencer on Getting The Band Back Together (+ short live review) (PRESS, US)
TEXT: “Every time you saw the trio – Spencer, fellow guitarist Judah Bauer and powerhouse drummer Russell Simins – you were guaranteed a show. “
2010.04.00 The Insider | Jon Spencer (PRESS, US)
TEXT: “After a six-year hiatus, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion — the stripped-down blues-rock outfit that put sweat on the brow of the Lower East Side in the ’90s — is back in its leather-panted garage-stomp glory”
2010.08.10 Pitchfork Music Festival – Jon Spencer Interview (PRESS, US)
TEXT: “I figured people are paying a lot of money. I know if I had to be standing out in the sun I’d wanna see somebody dressed up and trying hard, too. So I’m just trying to do my job.”
NME: Does Rock’n’Roll Kill Braincells? (PRESS, UK)
Full page article / Jon Spencer answers 10 questions about his career.
2010.06.12 Inside The World of Jon Spencer (PRESS, US)
The series of guest editor pieces by Jon Spencer
2010.05.17-23 Q&A with the Blues Explosion’s Jon Spencer (PRESS, US)
Q&A with Jon Spencer covering most of his history
2010.05.17 Catching-Up With Jon Spencer (PRESS, US)
Jon Spencer on his current activities
2010.04.16 Jon Spencer Recalls Being ‘In Awe’ of Alex Chilton (PRESS, UK)
Jon Spencer remembers Alex Chilton
I Have Fun Everywhere I Go… [Hardback] (BOOK, US)
Canteen: Soul Typecast [Interview] (PRESS, US) 2008.05.00
The Official Punk Rock Book of List (PRESS, US)
“1. Fast food (McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.) – Avoid at all costs. Sometimes this is hard to do; there just aren’t many options in some places. This food will come back to haunt you and definitely make you feel crummy. Conversely/perversely, White Castle, which definitely always makes ya shit, should still be consumed at any and all opportunities. “
Les Inrockuptibles: Ma Compile (PRESS, FRANCE)
The Rare Testimonial (PRESS, UK)
Uncut Legends: Elvis (PRESS, UK)
Mojo: James Brown – The Mojo Interview (PRESS, UK)
LARGE SCAN: “He was an incredible inspiration for me. When I was at university, the bands I liked, like Cabaret Voltaire, were always talking about him in the music papers at a time when he;d really been forgotten about by the mainstream.”
Colin Metcalf & Kevin Grady – Gum #1 [includes Chip Kidd & Jon Spencer – The Genesis of The Plastic Fang] (PRESS, US)
SCAN: Comic / Interview
Star Culture (PRESS, UK)
SCAN: Five-page feature, Jon Spencer interviews Andre Williams
NME: On The Couch (PRESS, UK)
” What song describes you best?
“I don’t know who it’s by, but there’s this song and its refrain goes, “Crazy mixed-up kid”. If it came out at all it was probably in the ’50s. It’s a blues song. And also the theme from Star Trek. But not that new one.”
Il Mucchio: Il Blues Del Terzo Millennia (PRESS, ITALY)
SCAN: Italian-language feature (5 Pages).
Jon Spencer: Botas De Cuero Espanol (PRESS, SPAIN)
SCAN: Spanish-language feature (3 Pages).
Pulse!: Jon Spencer / R.L. Burnside [Cover / Article] (PRESS, US)
Deathtripping: Cinema of Transgression (Creation Cinema Collection) (BOOK, US)
Writing about the films of John Spencer
Dig: Feature (PRESS, JAPAN)
PHOTO: Incomplete. Partial photo of Jon Spencer section of article.

Mojo: The Great Instruments (PRESS, UK)
SCAN: Jon Spencer discusses the Theremin
Melody Maker: Rebelious Jukebox [1400 Words] (PRESS, UK)
TEXT: “What’s always appealed to me are records made by bands which are just too messed up and weird. It’s like you’re finding something secret. It’s music that came from nowhere. The Monks were a bunch of American GIs in Germany in the Sixties who formed a band out of boredom. They were a garage band by default. The Electric Eels were so f***ing weird.”
LA Weekly: Dreaming Up A New Sexy (PRESS, US)
SCAN: Front Cover Only
Backstage Stores (PRESS, SPAIN)
SCAN: Spanish language article feat. contribution from Jon Spencer
Details: Jon Spencer by David LaChapelle (PRESS, US)
Boston Rock: Futteer Mien Ego: A Shortish Overview of the Brilliant Cruddy Ball of the Ex-Pussy Galore Guy, Jon Spencer (PRESS, US)
SCAN: Spencer teamed up with one of the best drummers I’ve ever seen and a guitarist that can assay every noted from Spencer’s guitar, his voice, and a thememin (look it up) and throw a response back at it.
The Village Noize: The Blues Explosion’s Back Door Man (PRESS, US)
Underground Film Bulletin 6: The Most Hated Filmaker In The World (PRESS, US)
FULL TEXT: “When they were completed originally, I guess in ’84 or ’85, I showed ’em around in like five places in New York City. I was real excited because I had to come to New York after finishing a semester and seen a show and I read the UNDERGROUND FILM BULLETIN, so I got really excited and I really wanted to show the stuff and I did and nobody really came. Then I got more interested in other stuff.”

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