Fuzz Buzz Kill Summit (King Barry and the Sinister Soulsters / Haze XXL with Jon Spencer) – Hooks McGee / Inbred Vampire/Techno Car Chase (7″, US)

28 August 2010 Amphetamine Reptile Records SCALE 118
A. King Barry and The Sinister Soulsters – Hooks McGee
B. Haze XXL with Jon Spencer
– Inbred Vampire/Techno Car Chase
Limited 7″ single issued in an edition of 200 copies with hand-screened sleeves. This release was only available at the Amphetamine Reptile Records 25th Birthday Bash in Minneapolis on 28 August 2010 or via the AmRep store after the event.

These tracks only appear on this single and the AmRep 25th Non-Collector Scum CD.

The track on the Haze XXL with Jon Spencer side is written as two separate titles on the rear sleeve, with a ‘/’ between them on the label and with a ‘-‘ between them on the Non Collector Scum CD but the track plays as one continuous piece of music on both the 7″ and CD.

Jon Spencer along with King Buzzo, Grant Hart, Barry Henssler and Haze XXL were due to perform “A Baz Box Demonstration” as part of the AmRep 25th Birthday Bash but this never happened:

“An event that didn’t take place was the Fuzz Buzz Kill—a demonstration of Barry Henssler’s (Necros/Big Chief) effects pedal. Henssler was a no show but a frail looking Grant Hart was ready to go. Too bad, it would have been something to see Haze, Buzz Osbourne, Jon Spencer, Hart and Henssler make a lot of noise.” – YourFleshMag.com

The original news posted by Haze XXL on the AmRep Message Board:

“Part of the AmRep 25th Annv. BASH Several amps – Many players, launching/trial by fire/stress testing the FUZZ BUZZ KILL effect pedal by BAZ BOX in Grumpy’s City Club. It will be broadcast live to the main room.

Baz Box is an instrument effect pedal company founded by Necros/Big Chief – Barry Henssler, based in Chicago, Illinois. The current model, the “Fuzz Buzz Kill” is a modern twist on the classic Japanese Shin Ei Companion Fuzz. Providing a range of tones from Stooges scorch to Sabbath mud, the pedal wreaks havoc in the studio as well as on the stage.

Cantankerous artist/label mogul/bar owner Thomas Hazelmyer a.k.a. HAZE XXL has hand painted an edition of 10 FBK pedals. These will be available for sale and on display the night of the FBK Summit.

The Fuzz Buzz Kill Summit bears no responsibility for hearing loss or clothing loss among the attendees.”

[no details on sleeve/record]
Design & Carving: Haze XXL


A: “NR-21761 SCALE-118-A”
B: “NR-21761-B SCALE-118”

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