Jon Spencer – Iron City, Birmingham, AL, US (10 December 2023)

Jon Spencer set at Iron City, Birmingham, AL, US with Samantha Fish Jesse Dayton and Eric Johanson on 10 December 2023.

SET LIST included; Worm Town, Junk Man, Afro and Ghost

Jon Spencer, Macky Bowman and Kendall Wind performed an encore of the R.L. Burnside song Goin’ Down South with the Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton band.

Live Photo (top): Jean Frank Photography (
Live Photo (below): Danny Bland
Group Photos: via Eric Johanson

Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton band line-up:

Guitar / Vocals: Samantha Fish
Guitar / Vocals: Jesse Dayton
Keys: Mickey Finn
Drums: Jamie Douglass
Bass: Ron Johnson

Jon Spencer band Line-up:

Jon Spencer
Spider Bowman
Kendall Wind


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Samantha Fish:

Jesse Dayton:

Eric Johanson:

Jon / Kendall / Spider Show #16