Jon Spencer – Rumba Cafe, Columbus, OH , US (26 November 2023)

Jon Spencer show at Rumba Cafe, 2507 Summit St, Columbus, OH 43202, US with Son of Dribble on 26 November 2023.

“Like any good citizen of this nation, I rediscovered a lost part of my soul in a dive bar…

…Jon Spencer is a Rock and Roll Star, maybe the only true one I have ever seen, but like a garage rock version of Elvis or a punk rock James Brown

If you care about music, or yourself, or what is right and true in the world then, if given the chance, you owe it to yourself to go see Jon Spencer live. If you cannot, at least dig into his catalogue of music that is like nothing else in the world.

“Play the Blues, Punk!”” –

Jon Spencer band line-up:

Jon Spencer
Kendall Wind
Spider Bowman

Live Photos / REPOST: Chris Lutzko @chris_lutzko
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Son of Dribble:


Jon / Kendall / Spider Show #3