Jon Spencer & The HITmakers – Great Scott, Allston, MA, US (1 February 2019)

Jon Spencer & The HITmakers show at Great Scott, Allston, MA, US with Bodega on 1 February 2019.

The HITmakers:

Jon Spencer
Bob Bert
M. Sord
Sam Coomes

with guest Julie Cafrtiz during the encore.


Beetle Boots
Do The Trash Can
Alien Humidity
Time 2 Be Bad
Love Handle
Tough Times In Plastic Land
I Got The Hits
You Can’t Polish A Turd
Loveless – Roadrunner

Encore (included the following songs with Julie Cafritz):

Pretty Fuck Look
NYC: 1999
Just Wanna Die
Fuck You, Man

Julie Cafritz Photo: Ben Stas
Pussy Galore Songs Sheets: Julie Cafritz (
Poster Design: Francisco Ramirez (

“Even with these super-sized cheat sheets from the Idiot’s Guide to Pussy Galore, a good 90 minutes of solo practice (hey, I got the gig that morning) , listening to the four songs on a loop the whole drive to Boston, I still managed to mangle most of them. “I think we should just wing it”, I said. I’m a dope. I like to practice. I need to practice. Muscle memory doesn’t kick in when you never had any muscle and you don’t have a memory.

NEVERTHELESS, I had a blast. More than playing, I loved seeing four friends-two old, two new, tear the joint up. Spencer and The Hitmakers are a great fucking band! If they come to your town, or anywhere near your town, don’t be a dope; go see them!” – Julie Cafritz (

“Jon Spencer should be worshipped. There, I said it. But I think he should be worshipped in 30 years, because right now the man is too busy being an underappreciated living legend. How great is he? Well, when Marc Maron interviewed Steve Albini he specifically singled out Jon Spencer as a man who’s work ethic he admires. He knows exactly what he wants and knows how to get it. Another reason is that Jon Spencer is purely a music man. He’s driven by the art and finds it to be the end to its own means.” –



HITmakers Show #62