Lyrics > 20 Miles – I Don’t Know Why

Writers: Judah Bauer
Published: [no details]
From: Life Doesn’t Rhyme
Source: Life Doesn’t Rhyme (CD, JAPAN)
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Dim stars and dime stores
Dirty bus stations
Go one step further in quiet desperation
No honor in this thief
Baby I don’t know why

Baby, I’m so nervous
Feels like my first time
Feel the rush from
The fevered blood that runs in our veins
Baby, I don’t know why
Why we even try

Temptations roll the dice
Of tricky delight
The way you play the game
You don’t care about tomorrow
Feel the quiet desperation
In the waiting rooms of the bus stations
It was good to finally get the truth
In the eleventh hour
Baby, I don’t know why

Are we on our last-go-round
Like Atlantis sinking down
Beloved by the next new age
Soon morning will come
And I don’t want to see the light
Baby, I don’t know why
That we even try
Baby, I don’t know why