Lyrics > The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – She Said

Writers: Spencer/Explosion
Published: © 2001 Dirty Shirt/BMI
From: Plastic Fang (2xCD, AUSTRALIA)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: The She Said single edit (LYRICS) of this song is much shorter and misses out parts of the song. Text in RED is incorrect.
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Baby, have mercy, please don’t be unkind
I remember gypsy woman lay me down, uh
And blew my mind
Fell down to my back, she goin’ look way back
Into the back of my eyes
She said, you done your baby wrong
And you know you gon’ die tonight

Now the villagers are comin’ with a pitchfork
And screamin’ dog
I got a long black hair growin’ way out
Of the back of my skull
Feelin’ kinda itchy, itch, you gotta get
I got blood on my mouth

She said, you got to get away, come on baby
Goin’ way down south

She said, she said, she said, she said
She said, you got nothing left
You ain’t a man no more
You’re out of control
When the full moon is blue, you gonna find out
What it’s like to lose your soul
Now my teeth are long
Pentagram on my palm
What have I done?
I said get up now please baby, C’mon
I got to fly, I got to run

She said, she said, she said, she said
She said

Ooh ah
Ooh ah
Ooh ah
Ooh ah
Ooh ah
Ooh ah
Ooh ah
Ooh Ah

Ah get it! Ha, I crave the taste of blood
Good lord almighty, good lord above
My soul is lost
I say, I curse the day that I ever was born
[That I ever was born]

Baby, have mercy, uh, don’t you hear me scream in pain?
I say my prayers at night come on, please
I won’t forsake your name
They gonna lay me out to rot right a here
In this marshy swamp
Torn up ’bout a silver bullet right through my heart

She said, she said, she said, she said, she said
Werewolf, she said, werewolf, she said, werewolf
She said, werewolf, she said

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