Lyrics > Jon Spencer – Big Yule Log Boogie

Writers: Spencer
Published: Patrica Ann Music, BMI
From: Big Yule Log Boogie (7″, US) / Extra Width + Mo’ Width [2010] (2xCD, US)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Text in RED is incorrect. This track was released as a Jon Spencer solo single and later appeared on the 2010 reissue of Extra Width.
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You Can't Polish A Turd
Come on honey and fly with me
We’re gonna get some lovin’ on Christmas eve
Christmas time rock ‘n’ roll
Holiday season with a little soul

You got to try
Holiday’s-a lovin’, baby
You and I

I’m gonna love you this Christmas love you

Calling all elves all around the world
I got a yule tide date with my kind of girl

Seen ’em alive
I’ll be your Santa Claus
I’m gonna love you this Christmas
Rock ‘n’ Roll

Happy New Year dad
I’m the dude that’ll kick your ass
I’m gonna get drunk this Christmas
I’m gonna tie one up

Remember me

I’m gonna get a little lovin’
Going more on Christmas eve
Honey, this do mean honest
I got the spirit of giving

I’m gonna love you this Christmas


Oh lord