Lyrics > Jon Spencer – My Christmas Wish

Writers: Spencer
Published: Patrica Ann Music, BMI
From: Big Yule Log Boogie (7″, US) / Extra Width + Mo’ Width [2010] (2xCD, US)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
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My Christmas Wish
Is just to love you
Not just now
But the whole year
Only I could
Respect and honour
That is your due
My dear

I know it’s been hard
And I can be mean
So cold
But let me try
Forgive me woman
I need you so much
Let me be with you
This Christmas time

There are people
Who have it bad
Some people, they don’t know what they got

But as long as I can hold your hand and give you a kiss
My Christmas wish
Is just to love you
That you will have me
From now on
And as we grow old
Let us gain the wisdom
To love, understanding, by and by