The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Le Grenier @ La Vapeur, Dijon, France (31 May 2011)

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion FD Acoustic session in Le Grenier @ La Vapeur, Dijon, France for Radio Dijon Campus on 31 May 2011 (Broadcast 7 June 2011).

Never thought my request can be accepted… but it was. I met Jon at the venue,show him the place, the acoustic guitar i brought for him and he says it was ok. He came back with russell to find something to make rhythm with. We found a big box and russell took a raquette to play on it. They came back 10 minutes later, with Judah. And they started to play together… I thought they will stop after two tracks, but they played about 30 minutes, and jamming sometimes. A great moment, with simplicity, smiling at each other, not a ‘promo’ thing. They play together because they love rock’n’roll.

At the end of the recording, Jon told me to do a quick mix to hear the result. He came back after the soundcheck, and gave me some requests on the mix (« more mono, man! »). –


I Got a Woman (aka ‘Mean Woman Blues’)
Sky is Burning
Burn It Off
Rock Hard
Honey Bee
My War
Train #2
Blues X Man
Mystery Train-Money
Raw Power 

nb. This live set includes the following cover versions; Mean Woman Blues (Elvis Presley), Rock Hard (Alex Chilton / Like Flies on Sherbert), My War (Black Flag / My War), Mystery Train (Elvis Presley) and Raw Power (The Stooges).