The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – The Debating Hall, Manchester University, Manchester, UK (4 October 1996)

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion show at Manchester University, Manchester, UK with R.L. Burnside on 4 October 1996.

“The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – currently as exciting as any live band in the world – celebrate rock’n’roll in a way even Rocket From The Crypt are calling evangelical, “Get a whiff of my pant leg, baby” never sounded like a better invitation.” – Danny Eccleston, Mojo

“Devoid of a bass player, the responsibility to heroically hold together JSBE’s fragile component parts falls entirely upon drummer Russell Simins. Wether keeping a steady mid-tempo groove on older tunes like ‘Afro’ and ‘Bellbottoms’, or hammering through blistering cuts from current album ‘Now I Got Worry’, he gives Spencer himself the freedom to climb on his amps, play with his theremin and shout “Blues Explosion!” without ever losing the plot.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion are the meanest horniest slice of rams-lama rock ‘n’ on the planet. Genius of the highest order.” – Meany, Kerrang

nb. Also listed as the ‘Hop & Grape’ in some places and show was actually on 4 October 1996 and not 4 September 1996 as stated on the ticket.

Poster / Ticket Stub (top): Tom A Deakin