V/A feat. Jon Spencer with Solex / Russell Simins with Alec Empire – Silver Monk Time: A Tribute To The Monks (2xCD, GERMANY)

23 October 2006 Play Loud! cd-pl-02
01. Mense Reents – Minimal Monk
02. Alec Empire feat. Gary Burger – Monk Time
03. Mouse On Mars – Monks No Time
04. The Raincoats – Monk Chart
05. 27/11 – Were Ever
06. Jason Forrest – Monk Hop
07. Cycle – Blast Off
08. Fehlfarben – We Do Wie Du
09. The Gossip – Drunken Maria
10. Jon Spencer / Solex – Complication
11. Silver Apples feat. Alan Vega – Silver Monk Time
12. Floating di Morel – Shut Up
13. Gudrun Gut
– Tumbling Monks (Love Come Tumblin’ Down)
14. Nista Nije Nista – Kuchhuche

01. F.S.K. – The Transatlantic Feedback
02. The Fall – Higgle-dy Piggle-dy
03. Die Goldenen Zitronen feat. Chicks On Speed
– Komplikation
04. Barbara Manning & The Go-Luckys
– I Can’t Get Over You
05. PTV 3 (Psychic TV) – Boys Are Girls And Girls Are Boys
06. Doc Schoko – Sei Still
07. S.Y.P.H. – Oh, How To Do Now
08. Alexander Hacke – I Hate You
09. (International) Noise Conspiracy – Shut Up
10. 5, 6, 7 8’s – Cuckoo
11. The Havletones feat. Dave Day – That’s My Girl
12. Singapore Sing – I Hate You
13. Michaela Melian – Blastwer
14. Charles Wilp feat. The Monks – (It Is Charles Time) Sexy-Mini-Super-Flower-Pop-Op-Alles-Isi-Drin
15. Faust feat. Gary Burger
– Beware (The Transatlantic Feedback)

 V/A feat. Jon Spencer with Solex / Russell Simins with Alec Empire - Silver Monk Time: A Tribute To The Monks (2xCD, GERMANY) - Cover

 V/A feat. Jon Spencer with Solex / Russell Simins with Alec Empire - Silver Monk Time: A Tribute To The Monks (2xCD, GERMANY) - Rear

Monks tribute album in double DigiPak sleeve with clear trays and booklet featuring detailed sleeve notes and comments by each artist on the compilation.

“The proceeds from this album will be contributed to the completion the documentary film “monks-the transatlantic feedback”.”

Features a Jon Spencer and Solex collaboration (LYRICS) and although not mentioned on the sleeve according to the Digital Hardcore website the Alec Empire track features Russell Simins and that song was also released as a 7″ split single with The Fall.

Originally released in Germany on 23 October 2006 and later issued in the US and UK in JUNE.2007.

UPDATE: The documentary DVD is scheduled for release in 2009 and a poster designed by Daniel Richter for the cinematic release is available from the Playloud website.

All songs were especially recorded for this album between september 2005 and may 2006. Except “Charles Wilp feat. The Monks – (It Is Charles Time) Sexy-Mini-Super-Flower-Pop-Op-Alles-Isi-Drin”

Mastered at Faust Stereo by Hans-Joachim Irmler (Faust).

1.1. Mense Reents – Minimal Monk
Writers: The Monks and Mense Reents
Programming: Mense Reents
Produced: Mense Reents courtesy of Ladomat
Run Time: 4:18

1.2. Alec Empire feat. Gary Burger
Writers: The Monks
Mixed/Produced: Alec Empire at the Hellish Vortex Studios, Berlin
Vocals/Guitar recorded and produced by Gary Burger at GB Video-Audio in Bemidji, MN
Run Time: 3:56

1.3. Mouse On Mars – Monks No Time
Writers: Jan St. Werner/Andi Toma
Additional Vocals/Banjo: Dave Day
Produced: Mouse On Mars
Recorded at St. Martin Tonstudio, Dusseldorf courtesy of Sonig Records
Run Time: 5:37

1.4. The Raincoats – Monk Chart
Writers: Monks
Programming/Chant Vocal/Lead Vocal: Ana da Silva
Guitars/Chant Vocal/Scream Vocal: Gina Birtch
Recorded at studio 64 Zoo Lane
Produced: The Raincoats
Run Time: 2:03

1.5. 27/11 – Were Ever
Writers: The Monks/Lewis/Oberg
27/11 are Edvard Graham Lewis and Thomas Oberg
Monk track seduced and deranged by 27/11 and Christian Edgren at Traxton Recording, Stockholm
Mastered by Holfe at Cosmos
Run Time: 6:16

1.6. Jason Forrest – Monk Hop
Writers: The Monks/Jason Forrest
Produced: Jason Forrest
Recorded at Cock Rock Disco Studios, Berlin
Courtesy of Sonig Records
Run Time: 2:12

1.7. Cycle – Blast Off
Writers: The Monks
Vocals: Cyclope & La China Patino
Guitars: Carles F.
Produced/Mastered: David Kano
Recorded at Rec Division, Madrid
Courtesy of Subterfuge Records
Run Time: 1:27

1.8. Fehlfarben – We Do Wie Du
Writers: The Monks
Percussion/Backing Vocals: F. Fenstermacher
Vocals: Peter Hein
Guitar: Uwe Jahnke
Drums: S.v. Klitzing
Synthesizer: Pyrolator
Recorded/Mixed at Ata Tak studio Dusseldorf by Pyrolator courtesy of V2/Wonder
Run Time: 2:10

1.9. The Gossip – Drunken Maria
Writers: The Monks
Vocals: Beth Ditto
Guitars: Brace Paine
Drums: Hannah Blilie
Recorded at Ironwood Studios, courtesy of Kill Rock Stars
Run Time: 1:27

1.10. Jon Spencer/Solex – Complication
Writers: The Monks
Vocals/Guitar: Jon Spencer
Vocals/Beats/Things: E. L. Esselink (Solex)
Bass/Vocal: Matt Verta-Ray
Organ/Vocal: Cristina Campinella
Traps: Mike Edison
Mixed by Solex
Recorded in NYC at Woodshop Recordings by Matt Verta-Ray
Run Time: 2:31

1.11. Silver Apples feat. Alan Vega – Silver Monk Time
Writer: Coxe/Vega/Post
Music/Background Vocals: Simeon Coxe
Lead Vocals: Alan Vega
Recorded at Chicken Coop Recordings, Fairhope, Alabama and 6/8 Recording Studio, NYC
Run Times: 3:36

1.12. Floating di Morel – Shut Up
Writer: The Monks
Banjo/Vocals/Organ: Sabine Biodorn
Vocals: Kai Drewitz
Guitar/Bass Drum/Vocals: Martin Osti
Produced: Floating di Morel
Run Time: 2:28

1.13. Gudrun Gut – Tumbling Monks (Love Come Tumblin’ Down)
Writers: The Monks/Gudrun Gut
Recorded at Good Studio
Run Time: 4:38

1.14. Nista Nije Nista – Kuchhuche
Writers: The Monks/Nayalija Ribovic/ Nina Reisinger/Hemma Pototschnig/Rebecca
Harris and Ute Marie Paul Courtesy of Klangbad
Run Time: 6:44

2.1. F.S.K. – The Transatlantic Feedback
Writers: Hoffman/Meinecke/Melian/Oesterhlt/Petzi
Taken from the F.S.K. album “The Sound of Music” released on Sub-Up Records, Munich, 1993
Guitars: Justin Hoffmann/Thomas Meinecke/Wilfried Petzi
Bass: Michaela Melian
Drums: Carl Oesterhell
Voice: David Lowery
Run Time: 0:20

2.2. The Fall – Higgle-dy Piggle-dy
Writers: The Monks
Vocals/Guitar: Mark E. Smith
Synth/Organ/Bass: Elena Poulou
Drums: Spencer Birtwistle
Produced: Mark E. Smith
Courtesy of Sanctuary Records, London
Run Time: 3:22

2.3. Die Goldenen Zitronen feat. Chicks On Speed – Komplikation
Writers: The Monks/Melissa Logan/Schorsch Kamerun
Vocals: Melissa Logan
Guitar/Kontrabass: Ted Gaier
Drums: Stephan Rath
E-Piano: Julius Block
E-Bass: Mense Reents
Backing Vocals: S. Rath/A. Murray-Lesley/K. Moorse/J. Block/M. Reents
Courtesy of Buback Tontrager
Run Time: 2:39

2.4. Barbara Manning & The Go-Luckys – I Can’t Get Over You
Writers: The Monks
Vocals/Organ/Keyboard Banjo: Barbara Manning
Guitars/Bass: Fabrizio Steinbach
DrumComputer: Flavio Steinbach
Backing Voclas: Deke Logan & Christine
Run Time: 3:38

2.5. PTV 3 (Psychic TV) – Boys Are Girls And Girls Are Boys
Writers: The Monks/Genesis P. Orridge
Vox: Genesis P. Orridge
Guitars: David Maxxx
Keyboards/Synths: Markus Aurelius Cirkus Mazimus Fabulous Persson
Bass: Alice Genes
Drums/Percussion: Morrison Edley
Samples: Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge
Monks Sample: Dave Day
Recorded by D. Max & Nick Kramer
Produced: D. Max & G. B. P-Orridge
Run Time: 3:41

2.6. Doc Schoko – Sei Still
Writers: The Monks
German Lyrics/Vocals/Guitars: Doc Schoko
Drums/Vocals: Kurt Kreikenborn
Bass/Vocals: Dominik Benzier
Vocals: Fantas Schimun
Courtesy of Louisvillie Records
Run Time: 3:58

2.7. S.Y.P.H. – Oh, How To Do Now
Writers: The Monks
Vocals/Vocoder/Evolver/Trash Guitar: Harry Rag
Organ: Andrja Pulsic
Bass/Fuzz Bass/Programming: Jojo Wolter
Lead Guitar/Rhythm Guitar: Werner Harscheid
Mixed: Chris Eckman
Recorded: Werner Harscheid/Chris Eckman in Wuppertal and Ljubjana courtesy of Pure Freude
Run Time: 3:29

2.8. Alexander Hacke – I Hate You
Writers: The Monks
Guitar/Vocals: Alexander Hacke
Percussion: Gordon W.
Keyboard: Ash Wednesday
Bass: Sugarpie Jones
Background: Visuals: Danielle de Picciotto
Recorded live at Postbahnhof, Berlin
Run Time: 3:14

2.9. (International) Noise Conspiracy – Shut Up
Writers: The Monks
Vocals: Dennis Lyxzen
Drums/Percussion: Ludwig Dahlberg
Guitar/Vocals: Lars Stromberg
Bass Guitar/Vocals/Percussion: Inge Johnansson
Farfisa Organ: Mans Lundberg
Courtesy of American Recordings
Run Time: 3:45

2.10. 5, 6, 7 8’s – Cuckoo
Writers: The Monks
Guitar/Vocals: Fujiyama Ronnie
Bass/Vocals: Screaming Ohmo
Drums/Vocals: Sachiko the Geisha
Guest Player:
Piano/Steel Guitar: Captain Mabo
Produced & Mastered by Mr. Nakamura & The 5, 6, 7, 8’s
Courtesy of Time Bomb Records
Run Time: 2:56

2.11. The Havletones feat. Dave Day – That’s My Girl
Writers: The Monks
Lead Vocals/Organ: Scott Seckington
Lead Vocals/Guitars: Dave Harvey
Drums/Vocals Kris Cunningham
Bass/Vocals: Matt Buscher
Guitar/Vocals: Alex Maslansky
Banjo/Vocals: Dave “Day” Havlicek
Recorded in Olympia
Courtesy of Kill Rock Stars
Run Time: 3:09

2.12. Singapore Sing – I Hate You
Writers: The Monks
Vocals/Guitar/Piano/Rhodes: Henrik Bjornssom
Drums: Bjorn Viktorsson
Guitar: Hakon Adalsteinsson
Guitar: Einar Sonic
Base: Bibi Asgeirsdottir
Maracas: Iggy Sniff
Courtesy of Sheptone
Run Time: 4:31

2.13. Michaela Melian – Blastwer
Writers: Micheala Melian/Carl Oesterhelt
Produced: Micheala Melian/Carl Oesterhelt
Violoncello/Guitar: Micheala Melian
Synthesizer/Programming: Carl Oesterhelt
Recorded by C. Oesterhelt at Adlzreiter 27
Run Time: 4:45

2.14. Charles Wilp feat. The Monks – (It Is Charles Time) Sexy-Mini-Super-Flower-Pop-Op-Alles-Isi-Drin
Music: Charle Wilp
Performed by the NDR Orchestra in 1967
Music/Lyric additions by The Monks in 2006
Special Spiritual Injections: Gary Burger/Dave Day
Lyrics: Gary Burger
Run Time: 6:33

2.15. Faust feat. Gary Burger – Beware (The Transatlantic Feedback)
Writers: Hans Jachim Irmler/Gary Burger
Words/Vocals: Gary Burger
Drums: Jan Friede Wodlbrandt
Percussion: Lars Paukstat
Bass: Michael Stoll
Guitar: Steven W. Lobdel
Editing Andreas Schmid
Modulation Bass/Final Electronic Treatment: Ingo Vauic
Organ/Concept/Production: H. J. Irmler
Run Time: 6:42

“The Monks are what Rock ‘n’ Roll is all about it doesn’t make any sense but it makes you smile and it makes you wanna move. If I talk about Rock ‘n’ Roll the Monks are the perfect example. They are right up there with Little Richard. – Jon Spencer (New York, 1999)”

[The booklet also includes comments from all the other artists featured on the album]

“silver monk time – 29 international artists take on the legacy of the monks

in 1965 the monks were looking for a new zero point in pop music and created what later turned into the milestone record “black monk time”. “black monk time” accidentally or intentionally pre-dated several genres that were to come: kraut rock, electronic music, heavy metal, punk, industrial and techno.

when the monks in january 1966 launched their “living (pop) art project” at famous reeperbahn top ten club the largest german tabloid “bild-zeitung” wrote “noise, noise and no melody – robot music!”.

in july of the same year the monks presented their black record for the first time live on the teenage tv show “beat-club”. to the surprise of many they started the show with an improvised new song, which wasn’t even on the record. you could call it commercial suicide. the song itself was archaic, one repetitive beat, three monks beating on gigantic tambourines, an organ gone mad, a guitar on the floor that fed back and at one point was shyly touched by four band members. all typical macho rock attitudes were taken out. it was pure and swinging joyfulness and seemed to have more in common with avant garde art than with regular pop music. therefore maybe it was misunderstood. to some degree though it was the end of rock music as we knew it. the monks called the song “monk chant”. rumor has it that “monk chant” was supposed to be the one and only idea for their second long player. one primitive beat spread out on two lp sides. “the rolling stones are baroque, the beatles for old grannies, you, the monks are playing the music of the future, you are supposed to play the audience into ecstasy,” demanded their two german managers. this second (never released) record was to be called “silver monk time”.

play loud! is proud to announce 29 international pop bands who continue the musical journey initiated 40 years ago by the seven monks: gary burger, larry clark, dave day, roger johnston, walther niemann, karl-heinz remy and eddie shaw.

crank it up and enjoy this brand new ecstatic monks record.

it is (finally) silver monk time.”

In memory of monk drummer Roger Johnson & ARTronaut Charles Wilp

Play Loud! Would like to thank the following persons:

Mark E. Smith and Elena Poulou for giving us the idea for this album when instead of using one the pervious Fall/Monks cover versions they offered to record a brand new monks cover version in support of our documentary film “Monks – The Transatlantic Feedback”.

All other musicians and technicians that contributed to silver monk time.

Hans Joachim Irmler at Faust Studio for this willingness to go with us onto this revelatory journey and have fun and experiment.

Sascha Breetz (Diggler Records)
Gerd Kahler
Michael O’Donnell for proof reading
Inigo and Francisxo Munster
Daniel Richter for the wonderful drawing for the movie poster and the permission to use parts of it for the album cover and booklet.

Walther Niemann for this continuous interest.
Ingrid Schmidt-Winkeler (Art & Space)

ARTWORK: Daniel Richter

BARCODE: 4250137232614

CD 1: “www.handlewithcare.de CD-PL-02 A666506-01 ifpi L573”
CD 2: “www.handlewithcare.de CD-PL-02 A666506-02 ifpi L573”

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