The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Prince of Wales, Melbourne, Australia (12/13 August 1994)

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion shows at Prince of Wales, Melbourne, Australia with Beck and Magic Dirt on 12 and 13 August 1994.

Resistant Harmony issue #7 (November 1995) published an interview with The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at this venue.

Beck has covered the Pussy Galore songs I Just Wanna Die, Constant Pain and Pussy Stomp during his live sets and and in an interview with Buzzy (1994) Beck said “We did Pussy Galore songs, and he would come out and start singin’ em. We wouldn’t even ask him.” which is possibly during the August 1994 tour of Australia.

Live Photo: Carly Weber (believed to be at one of these shows but unconfirmed)
Show Listings Flyer: Neil Wedd (

“Beck when Jon Spencer destroyed the Emulator on the Friday night by throwing water on it, accidently. He may have destroyed a mirror ball as well.” – Neil Wedd

“I totally remember when he ripped the mirror ball from the roof … Jon Spencer blew my mind!! I think he was the highlight over Beck that night (dare I say… & I LOVE Beck!!).. Awesome memories…” – Anne O’Hoy

“Anybody who witnessed The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion on their first visit to Australia and New Zealand in the early nineties as support to US hipster Beck, would have seen a man – a band – seemingly possessed with the spirit of everything great rock ‘n’ roll has to offer. A flat out garage attack of diamond riffs, snarled vocals, blues hollering, the funky drummer beats and tunes you can actually dance and/or fuck to.” – (2011)

Comment regarding The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion supporting Beck during the Australian tour (exact show unknown):

“A few much cooler people were there solely for the support band, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, who really confused the audience who wanted to like them, but couldn’t yell and scream because the JSBX played continuously, with no breaks between songs.

Beck joined the JSBX for a song, which massively excited the audience, but it wasn’t Loser so it didn’t really matter.” –

Silkscreened poster measures 51cm x 75cm, the same design was used for Anu Bar, Canberra, Australia (17 August 1994):

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Australian Tour (5 - 20 August 1994)