The Tremelo Beergut – Under The Covers with… (LP, DENMARK)

10 October 2011 Crunchy Frog FROG 086-1
A1. Every Minute Alone
A2. Das Modell
A3. She Said
A4. Rave Kned
A5. Le Jacquet
A6. Useless
A7. Because They’re Young
A8. Danube Incident
A9. Pet Sounds

B1. Johnnies Sykel Intro Theme
B2. 9 Times The Pain
B3. Midtown
B4. Turn Me Up
B5. Damn Right
B6. Las Vegas
B7. Deep Under The Chinese Snow
B8. Death Valley ’69

Vinyl edition of The Tremolo Beer Gut covers album including a version of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion track She Said which was originally released as a b-side to the single Shakin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll Tonight.

Yebo (of The Tremolo Beer Gut) was to perform in the Heavy Trash live band and appears on Going Way Out with Heavy Trash.

“Who was the first guest at the Crunchy Frog show case at CMJ ’99? Yes indeed: Jon Spencer. In the time after these meetings the bands tried hard to get to play together in Japan, but as every attempt failed The Tremolo Beer Gut ended up doing a European tour together in ’00 with Spencer’s other band, Boss Hog. Playing London, Amsterdam, Malmö, Hamburg and Berlin, the bands ended their tour by playing a version of Sonic Youth’s “Death Valley ’69” together in Berlin. The Beer Gut played the back line and the girls of Boss Hog sang, while Jon Spencer did the front of the house sound. A psychedelic experience indeed!”


A1. Every Minute Alone
Original Performer: WhoMadeWho
Writers: Jeppe Kjellberg / Thomas Haffding
(c) Sony/ATV Publishing

A2. Das Modell
Original Performer: Kraftwerk
Writers: Ralf Hutter / Emil Schult / Karl Bartos
(c) Kling Klang Musik GMBH

A3. She Said
Original Performer: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Writers: Spencer/Explosion
Published: © 2001 Dirty Shirt, BMI
Arranged: The Tremelo Beer Gut
Recorded / Played / Produced: The Great Nalna and the Tremelo Beer Gut at Tambourine Studios 2002

A4. Rave Kned
Original Performer: “Rave Kenneth” also recorded by Beta Satan
Writers: Klaus H. Nielsen / Kare R. Hansen / Johannes Gammelby / Kenneth N. Andersen / Morten S. Riis
(c) Crunchy Tunes

A5. Le Jacquet
Original Performer: “The Jacket” also recorded by First Floor Power
Writers: Sara Wilson / Karl-Jonas Winqvist / Per Larger
(c) Crunchy Tunes

A6. Useless
Original Performer: Depeche Mode
Writer: Martin L. Gore
(c) Grabbing Hands Music Ltd.

A7. Because They’re Young
Original Performer: Duane Eddy
Writers: Don Costa / Wally Gold / Aaron H. Schroeder
(c) Rachel’s Own Music

A8. Danube Incident
Original Performer: Lalo Schifrin
Writer: Lalo Schifrin
(c) Sony Music Publishing Brazil

A9. Pet Sounds
Original Performer: The Beach Boys
Writer: Brian Wilson
(c) Sea of Tunes Publishing Company

B1. Johnnies Sykel Intro Theme
Original Performer: Johnnies Sykel
Writers: Per G. Sunding / Patrik Bartosch / Maurits Carlsson
(c) Vibrasong

B2. 9 Times The Pain
Original Performer: “Diodo” also recorded by Blue Phantom
Writers: Armando Sciascia / Jesper Reginal / Ulrik Petersen / Per G. Sunding / Jens O.B. Lembcke
(c) Eliseo Edizioni / Crunchy Tunes

B3. Midtown
Original Performer: Tom Waits
Writer: Thomas A. Waits
(c) Jalma Music

B4. Turn Me Up
Original Performer: “Turn Me On” also recorded by Superheroes
Writers: Thomas S. Troelsen / Tanja F. Simonsen / Asger E. Tarpgaard / Lars Hovendahl / Thomas R. Christensen / Bjarke Staun
(c) Crunchy Tunes

B6. Damn Right
Original Performer: Tothe International
Writers: Jesper Reginal / Ulrik Peterson / Robert S. Schmidt / Karsten I. Schioler / Matthew C. Caldwell
(c) Crunchy Tunes

B7. Las Vegas
Original Performer: Thau
Writers: Jesper Reginal / Ulrik Petersen
(c) Crunchy Tunes

B8. Deep Under The Chinese Snow
Original Performer: “Deep Under the Sea” also recorded by The Mopeds
Writers: Jens . Lingard / Petter A. Lingard
(c) Crunchy Tunes

B7. Death Valley ’69
Original Performer: Sonic Youth
Writers: Lee M. Ranaldo / Kim A. Gordon / Thurston J. Moore / Bob Bert / Lydia Lunch
(c) Sonik Tooth

The 17 fine selections comprising “Under the Covers With…” were recorded between 1998 and 2011 by The Tremolo Beer Gut. Some for inclusion on TBG albums, some for the infamous Bad Afro vinyl club single “While Squaresville Is Watching From Afar…” later released on CD on “From the Vinyl Archives of…”, others for compilations and quite a few as alternatives to so-called “remixes” for other artists and therefore only available on non-TBG releases. Until now. Finally all the undercover work of The Tremolo Beer Gut is compiled for your sonic education and listening pleasure. As an added bonus this record album includes 5 as of yet unreleased covers.

The Tremolo Beer Gut are The Great Nalna and Jengo on guitars, Per Sunding on bass guitar and Yebo behind the drums. The members of the band also han-dled various organs, percussion, zither, autoharp, vibraphone, gongs and quite often each other’s instruments as well. Sune Rose Wagner was member of the band until 2003 and played guitar on Death Valley ’69, Pet Sounds, Das Modell, Turn Me Up, Las Vegas and Because They’re Young and mumbled the lyrics on Turn Me Up. Jessica Tolf Vulpius whispered gently on Johnnies Sykel Intro Theme, The Micragirls screamed with delight on 9 Times the Pain and Manoj Ramdas played the bass guitar on Rave Kned.

All the songs were respectfully arranged, recorded, produced and mixed by The Tremolo Beer Gut except She Said which was mixed by Maurits Carlsson. All songs were recorded in various stereo formats in Tambourine Studios, Malmö and Kondi Frost, Copenhagen except Turn Me Up which was recorded in Delta Lab, Rødovre. This compilation was mastered by Nikolaj Vinten at Medley Mastering, Copenhagen. The cover photo was as usual taken by Jessica Tolf Vul-pius and the artwork was designed by Jesper Reginal after an idea by Martin Martin Denns Dennark.

The band wish to thank all their collaborators in the studio sessions as well as on the road throughout the years, but first and foremost the great songwriters that wrote these tunes and the amazing artists and groups that originally recorded and performed them. If you like these cover versions, please seek out the originals and enjoy them as well.

You may be surprised but you won’t be disappointed.


Tumbleweeds across the bridge, that’s what they are. No, come to think of it, these four fiddlers actually anchored the bridge poles mentall, well before the flyover was ready to roll. That concrete highway between the kingdoms of Denmark and Sweden was still an illusion when they got started.

Like viking chief Krok long before him, crunchy thunder thumping man Yebo traveled to Scania on a quest. In a 1996 shrimp and snaps fueled speedboat mini version of those infamous long ships with which the norsement had terrified every other tribe on the planet, a wee thousand years earlier. Landed, Yebo and his men raided the Tambourine temple only to kidnap its modern day equivalent of Red Snake – Sunding. Actually not that red, but a precious snakelike champion of no less than four fat buzzing wires. With Jengo and Sune Rose (soon to be relaced by The Great Nalna) already masterly doubling on the thinner strings, the squad was redy for this most imporant musical missio. There then, the high voltage plug between Malmo and Copenhagen in its socket. Pinning down the effects this has had on music, language, greeting manners, brotherhood and intoxication habits across the Sound – not to mention the vast side effects – will indeed engage future historians for decades.

Who needs lyrics? Their music speaks better than most by just getting the note and passing it on; the one on life’s mystery, those on its blessings and horrors, on eacti, sex, mono sound and generally tearing the place up. THese are important subjects which we all should consider as we skid like drones with a shiteating grin from the bar across the dance floor towards the stage – for that particular sound. Whether it be original songs heavenly inspired by, or lovingly ripped off, John Barry, Henry Mancini, JOe Meek or Ennio Morricone. Or like here, on these abnormally gutty takes, finally coming full circle by transforming evergreens from the likes of the Beach Boys, Depeche Mode, Kraftwer and Sonic Youth in to a complete and superb album – most likely the best ever – of covers in that glorious western surf tradition.

For being around to hear, witness and enjoy this wonder, for being shown their glorious path to follow, you should be as grateful as yours truly and the rest of us.
TO this day, no one has managed to overtake them. God bless The Tremolo Beer Gut for turning on, turning away and taking off.


Photos: Jessica Tolf Vulpius.
Artwork: Tor Slotmann and The Gut

BARCODE: 7 332181 039825

A: “BB50644-01 A1 HL”
B: “BB50644-01 B1 HL”