V/A feat. Boss Hog / Haze XXL with Jon Spencer – Non-Collector Scum CD: All The Overpriced Goodies For The Price of a Beer (CD, US)

28 August 2010 Amphetamine Reptile Records 9030-CD0001
01. H.O.F. with White Drugs
– Arse Face: Slicker Than Shit
02. White Drugs with Haze XXL – Funkerdammrung
03. King Barry and The Sinister Soulsters – Hooks McGee
04. Haze XXL with Jon Spencer
– Inbred Vampire-Techno Car Chase

05. Gay Witch Abortion – Human Composting
06. God Bullies – Wake Up
07. White Drugs – Muscle Be”atch
08. The Thrown-Ups – Stoopid Doom
09. Boss Hog – Stain
10. Vaz – Mistake Lake
11. Melvins with Haze XXL – Paraquat Plus
12. H.O.F. with Gay Witch Abortion – Die You Fuck
CD issued in card sleeve featuring the tracks from the show only releases for the Amphetamine Reptile Records 25th Birthday Bash in Minneapolis show on 28 August 2010.

This CD features tracks from Dope, Guns and Fucking in the Streets Volume 12 including the previously unissued track Stain by Boss Hog and Inbred Vampire-Techno Car Chase by Haze XXL with Jon Spencer from the Fuzz Buzz Kill Summit 7″.

Although unconfirmed the Boss Hog song sounds like it is was recorded during the Whiteout era rather than being a recently recorded track.

Design & Art: Haze XXL – Aesthetic Apparatus


MATRIX: “9030-CD0001 10-212-17 WWW.COPYCATMEDIA.COM”

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