Matmos / V/A feat. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – This CD Is Not Nice / Archive Fever (CD, US)

3 September 1999 Matador Records OLE 409-2P DISC ONE
01. Archive Fever

One track CD featuring a song by Matmos which uses two samples of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Fuck Shit Up and the intro from Controversial Negro).

Issued in plain card sleeve with stickered cover. Given to attendees of ‘A Nice Weekend in London’ (Sept, 3-5, ’99) and ‘A Nice Weekend in New York’ (Sept, 23-25, ’99).

“OLE 409-2P DISC TWO” was another one-track CD titled ‘Matador Megamix’ by DJ Eclipse, both tracks were also issued as a one disc promo version.

01. Archive Fever

Samplers/Turntables/Digital Editing: Drew Daniel
Acoustic Guitar/Synthesizer/Laptop/Processing: Martin Schmidt

Matmos used the following Matador material for their “Archive Fever”:
Cat Power “In The Hole” and “Fate of the Human Carbine” from “What Would the Community Think” OLE-292 LP/CD
Cat Power “American Flag” from “Moon Pix” OLE-266 LP/CD
Pavement “Spit On A Stranger”, “Speak, See, Remember” and “The Hexx” from “Terror Twilight” OLE-260 LP/CD
Pole “Fahren” from “Pole 2″ OLE-359 DBL 12” EP/CD EP
Cornelius “Mic Check” and “Typewrite Lesson” from “Fantasma” OLE-300 LP/CD
Solex “Randy Costanza” from “Pick Up” OLE-336 LP/CD
Solex “Solex All Lickety Split” from “Solex Vs. The Hitmeister” OLE-193 LP/CD
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “Fuck Shit Up” from “Now I Got Worry” OLE-193/CD
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Intro to “Controversial Negro” OLE-255 LP/CD
Guitar Wolf “Kung Fu Ramone Culmination Tactic”, “Midnight Violence Rock ‘n’ Roll”, “Jet Blues”, “Devil Stomp” from “Missile Me!” OLE-219 LP/CD
Void “X-Factor” from “X-Factor” OLE-367 12″
Run Time: 19:42

“This CD is a gift, made for this attending Matador’s “A Nice Weekend in London” (Sept, 3-5, ’99) and “A Nice Weekend in New York” (Sept, 23-25, ’99), celebrating the fact that the label is really old. This CD is not for sale and if you know anyone who is selling it, please hit them

Thanks to Matmos for fucking with the music.
Thanks to all the original composers and artists for delivering the goods.”



MATRIX: “Y9016 LN OLE 409.D-2.1 01”