V/A feat. Jon Spencer – Fuzz: The Sound That Revolutionized The World (DVD, US)

20 November 2007 Brink Film BDVD0069
V/A feat. Jon Spencer - Fuzz: The Sound That Revolutionized The World (DVD, US) - Cover
DVD in regular case with insert advertising Brink DVD’s. Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray of Heavy Trash appear in this feature-length documentary by Clif Taylor about the Fuzz Box.

nb. Last image shows the limited book version available in Japan.

Jon Spencer appears in the documentary immediately after the title and has two interview segments and finally is shown playing a few notes about two thirds of the way through the feature. Dialogue is as follows:

Part One (6m 47s – 7m 08s) “At some point at the end of the 80’s I played with the Gibson Bros. and Jeff Evans had a Fender Blender and this isn’t a Blender it’s a Japanese copy but that was another pedal I just loved, the sound he would get out of it was just great and it was one of those things where he’d just step on it just boom, it was such a great great sound and the way he used it was so good”

Part Two (43m 33s – 44m 04s): “Kurt Wolf when he was in Pussy Galore used one of these and then er, so I went and got one and used it in Boss Hog later on and these are great because when you step on them it’s like brusccchng! like a car, like a rocket taking off, it looks, a car screeching it’s got a really great, a nice volume boost, and er, really bursssschng!. y’know but [plays distorted solo]”

Matt Verta-Ray is also shown very briefly.

Directed: Clif ‘Chick’ Taylor
Produced: Clif ‘Chick’ Taylor / Danny Vinik
Original Music: Clif ‘Chick’ Taylor
Film Editing: Angelo Lopes
Boom Operator: Scott Hellon
Camera and Electrical Department
Additional Camerawork: Bradley Crumb
Camera Operator: Angelo Lopes
Thanks: Suzy Matthews / Jason Zilberbrand

Oliver Ackermann, Steve Albini, Marc Alps, Craig Anderton, Tony Bateman, Gary Burke, Paul Cochrane, Matt Conboy, Jon Cusack, Dan Druff, Dean Farley, Peter Frampton, Elwood Francis, Billy Gibbons, Teddy Gordan, Bjorn Juhl, Eva Juhl, Robert Keeley, David Main, John Markovich, J. Mascis, Mike Matthews, John McCoy, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Dan Miller, Cameron Muncey, Alex Oropeza, Terry Oubre, Mike Piera, Bart Provoost, Chris Ross, Donner Rusk, Eric Shea, Scotty Smith, Jon Spencer, Peter Stroud, Mike Sydloski, Geoffrey Teese, Art Thompson, Jeorge Tripps, Matt Verta-Ray, Zachary Vex and Jack Waterson.

Run Time: 91 mins

“Fuzz… the sound that changed the world. The fuzz box: that tiny little box between the electric guitar and the amp that revolutionized rock music…what on earth does it do? Clif Taylor explores this insane industry of noise making, a world populated by guitar slinging super heroes and garage dwelling electronic geeks all sharing the collective obsession of one day creating that perfect sonic wave of limitless distortion. It’s a unique subculture of psychedelic noise freaks and vintage distortion connoisseurs, a world of gear oriented Internet chat rooms and completely anarchistic electronic product conventions. From the geeky backyard boutique engineers building prized and instantly collectable clones of terribly scarce vintage psychedelic circuits to professional Wah Wah men, the electronic gurus, capable of pitching that monster tone into a circuit bent chaos, Clif Taylor shows us all of it, all the while, on the hunt for his own perfect tone. Guitar Gods Billy Gibbons, Peter Frampton, Jon Spencer, J Mascis, Chris Ross of Wolfmother and other music legends weigh in on their favorite circuits. Where would Jimi Hendrix be without fuzz? Would the sixties psychedelic movement even exist sans fuzz box? This film answers all those questions and more. It is a must see for anyone interested in the nuts, bolts, solder, transistors and true history of rock.”
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