Lyrics > Jon Spencer – Looking For a Thrill [Dialogue]

Writers: Jon Spencer
Published: [unknown]
From: Looking For A Thrill (DVD, US)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
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“Right, we’re going? When I was in high school I used to spend a lot of time in the art room, and I was, you know? was kind of one of the arty people I ‘spose and er, one year we had a different teacher, the regular teacher took a year off, and. So this other teacher was a bit more, er, cosmopoliton or he’s a little more hip. I was probably 16, 15 or 16, I won a, a prize, they had some kind of art prize at the end of the year. And I won for somethin’, and the prize was a subscription to Heavy Metal magazine which is a comic book and er, it’s, it’s kinda of science fiction fantasy comic book, er, but it’s, it’s, it’s for adults so it has some nudity and stuff so I, it’s something I woulda never bought on my own, I wouldn’t even buy comic books, er, for myself but I was pretty excited about this prize and er, the subscription. And I liked the magazine a lot. The thing that was really new, that was the, though, they had a music column in the magazine, this was probably 1980 or 1981 and reading the music column was how I found out about bands like, er The Residents, and I found out about Devo, and I found out about Kraftwerk. Because, er, you know? where I grew up I was really kinda, didn’t, kinda cut off from anything an’ I, and er, and the kind of music that was around, I just, I wasn’t interested at all and I thought rock music was just terrible and very, er, boring and er, and here at last was, was some stuff that, that, that was interesting to me. That’s when I really started listening to music and, and started me, you know?, er, on, on this path and you know? it turned me onto a whole new world. Be-before then I hadn’t really listened to music and that was kinda the start of it, that, er, I think that, that the Heavy Metal subscription. (laughs)”