Lyrics > Jon Spencer & The HITmakers – You Can’t Polish A Turd

Writers: Deep Fried Boogie Band
Published: [unknown]
From: [unreleased]
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Cover of a song by the Deep Fried Boogie Band performed live on the Jon Spencer & The HITmakers 2019 tour. Text in RED is missing or unconfirmed.
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You Can't Polish A Turd
You can’t polish a turd
[Polish a turd]
I don’t care what you know
[I don’t care what you know]
I don’t care what you heard
[I don’t care what you heard]
I don’t care who you are
[I don’t care who you are]

That’s more than a steal
That’s more than a steal
That’s more than a steal
That’s more than a steal