Cibo Matto – Birthday Cake (7″, US)

1995 El Diablo
A. Birthday Cake
B. Black (H)ole Sun
Cibo Matto - Birthday Cake (7", US) - Cover
This release does not feature Russell Simins but he has signed this copy of the record, was playing live with the band at the time and the Cibo Matto EP released featured these tracks, Beef Jerky, Crumbs and Russell Simins on Know Your Chicken.

The CD version of this release features Russell Simins on Know Your Chicken and was issued as a 5 track EP in the US and Japan in 1995 and was later reissued in 2000.

Birthday Cake also appeared on Viva! La Woman and Russell can be seen performing this track with the band on the Free Tibet DVD. Black Hole Sun is a Soundgarden cover.

A. Birthday Cake
Writers: Cibo Matto
© 1995 Soul Urchin Songs
Run Time: 3:11

04. Black (H)ole Sun
Writer: Chris Cornell
Run Time: 2:15

“You were born in the 60’s. We made a war with Vietnamies. We love LSD. We died. Easily. Can we just say C’est la Vie? So what! Say what! For your pwn sake. Do you have a headache or heartbreak. Are you made or broken by the birthday cake. You may be slow on the uptake! I pour pot in the birthyday cake. So what! Say what! For my own sake. Watch out yo! Here I come yo! I’m gonna change to a rattle snake turn up the TV! Do you agree? I’, talking turkey. Take it from me. I’m gonna show my heart for my dove. But it’s moldy mom, isn’t it?”
Visual Production: Miho Hatori

BARCODE: [unknown]

A: [unknown]
B: [unknown]