Eddie & Hank – The Cochran Brothers (LP, UK)

1991 Rockstar RSR-LP 1022
A1. Mr Fiddle
A2. Two Blue Singin’ Stars
A3. Guilty Conscience
A4. Your Tomorrows Never Come
A5. Closer, Closer, Closer
A6. A Healer Like Time
A7. Walkin’ Stick Boogie
A8. Rollin’
A9. Livin’ This Life
A10. Too Often

B1. I’m Ready
B2. Slow Down
B3. Latch On
B4. Fool’s Paradise
B5. Heart Of A Fool
B6. Tired And Sleepy
B7. Latch On
B8. Open The Door
B9. Patent Pending
B10. Pedal-Pushin’ Baby

Eddie & Hank - The Cochran Brothers (LP, UK) - Cover
1991 UK vinyl release of rare and previously unreleased recordings by The Cochran Brothers (Eddie and Hank Cochran were not related).

Includes two different recordings of Latch On; the first (B3/Version 1 – Take 2) is slower, has a Hank Cochran vocal and was recorded early 1956 (released on the 20th Anniversary Album 4xLP boxset, 1980). The second (B7/Version 2) is faster, also recorded in early 1956 and has vocals by The Cochran Brothers (released on the album Legendary Eddie Cochran , 1971).

There has also been a third version of this song (recorded July 1956) although this was released by Eddie Cochran rather than the Cochran Brothers.

All three recordings have been issued on various compilations and retrospective albums over the years but according to EddieCochran.info take 1 of Latch On (Verison 1) is currently unreleased.

The two Cochran Brothers recordings can be heard at the following addresses:

Latch On (B7): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxQxwtgiDk8
Latch On (B3): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKAHtB6j8hE

The most well known version of Latch On is by Ron Hargrave and is more famous due to the fact the UK MGM release of his recording often features in articles on rare / valuable records as there are only six known copies in existence.

However, it seems likely that the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion recording of Latch On (released as a b-side to Shirt Jac) is an arrangement of the Cochran Brothers version as both recordings feature the words “you are really gone” which do not appear in the lyrics as sung by Ron Hargrave.

Compiled: Tony Barrett
Re-Mastering: Bob Jones, Copymaster Studio, London
This Compilation (R) 1991 Rockstar Records
[also includes Sleeve Notes on recordsing by Derek Glenister]
“Special thanks to Mrs Alice Cochran & Gloria Julson for supplying the Cochran Brothers photos from their personal collection”
Sleeve Design: Stef Suchomski
Photos: Jerry Capehart

BARCODE: 5 017932 010224

A: [unknown]
B: [unknown]