Lyrics > Speedball Baby – December?

Writers: Verta-Ray/Ward
Published: Alive, He Said/Marsupial Parley-Vous, BMI
From: Speedball Baby – Uptight! (CD, US)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
The Blackout:
Three Quarter Man
Hanky-Joe Digger
Do The Blackout
Wanna Scratch It?
Pimp Hand Strong
Bee In Flight
Asphalt Blues
The Diddler
Baretta’s My Handle
Cash Cow
The Termite Speaks
Nine Eleven
The Jack Martin Story
Cash Cow (Reprise)
Lil’ Pimp
The Harmonica is in “F”
I’m Addictive
Dangerous Top
The Al Green Shuffle
Mekong Sue
Hot Boxin’ Baby
Tappin’ My Neighbah!
Pocket Fulla Fish
The Crybabies (Otis)
8 Ft. Cigaret
Wobbly Organ
Is that Reindeer I hear up there?
Is that what it is?
I dunno
Could be Reindeer

Little Miss hit and run
Living in the moon
This is just a test
You know you’re better than the rest
She got her tounge stuck east
Drunk on whiskey
She couldn’t find her way
No, she couldn’t find her way


In a dream I saw her down on March Street
I couldn’t see her eyes
ANd might I add?
She had points of her own
Siting way-up high
Where’d you get that funky, funky lick

You got a problem?
You might wanna think
Things over
‘Cause you’re drunk on whiskey
And you can’t ind your way
You think it’s December
It maybe
But I think you’re way off
I think you slapped me off

They were drowning in their drinks
They had a tiny canoe
With minature oars
They never thought they ever go down that way

They envisioned themselves
Going down on a big ocean liner
With a capitain and a full crew
And they were drunk on whiskey
Yeah, drunk on whiskey
I guess it was December
I forgot to remember
Oh yeah
Ohhh, yeah