Lyrics > Speedball Baby – Pocket Fulla Fish

Writers: Smith/Verta-Ray/Ward
Published: What’s An Oubliette?/Alive, He Said/Marsupial Parley-Vous, BMI
From: Speedball Baby – Uptight! (CD, US)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Features Judah Bauer on guitar.
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Pocket Fulla Fish
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8 Ft. Cigaret
Wobbly Organ
Pocket fulla fish
Making me itch
Greased up the monkey
Looking for a joyride
Jesus split up his ginger ale
Said “Oh my’

Sun ain’t gonna shine
Time to drink wine
Drink wine
‘Cause you’re the head
You’re the head

These brittle bones?
That’s for pounding
Out on the street
Out on my feet
That’s coming in
That’s going down
That’s going ’round
Awaiting for you
‘Cause you’re the head
‘Cause you’re the head
D, d, d, devil, devil

I come home
I like the good times to roll
I’ll be at home
You know I like the good times to roll

Got a pocket fulla fish
They’re making me itch
Grease up the monkey
Took him on a joy ride
Jesus split up his ginger ale
Said “Oh my”
Sun ain’t gonna shine
Drink wine