Lyrics > Speedball Baby – Hot Boxin’ Baby

Writers: Verta-Ray/Ward
Published: Alive, He Said/Marsupial Parley-Vous, BMI
From: Speedball Baby – Uptight! (CD, US)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Song begins with something like “Black Form” shouted out twice.
The Blackout:
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8 Ft. Cigaret
Wobbly Organ
Hot boxin’ baby seen you on the subway
Black form!
Chain smoking sweetie seen me on the subway
Black form!
Whole lot of trouble
No you’re looking my way, my way
Hot boxin’ baby won’t you be my baby tonight

Chain smoking sweetie, you know I got my own mess
Keep on smoking, keep on smoking that cigarette
And I see you later in the bar tonight
You face bathed in the cigarette’s light
Hot boxin’ baby won’t you keep me alive tonight
You’re just an envelope
A god damn envelope
Address all smeared and lonely

I see your glowing red tonight
Smoke billows from lip stained lips

It’s no surprise her milky thighs have given me a rise
You she’s hot boxin it and she’s gotta get out of town

[Smoke rises]
[Wow, yeah]
[Blue clouds]
[Tight too]

Hold on ‘Cause this ain’t no ordinary show
I’m telling you baby it ain’t time to go
You got the plain clothes policeman, he thinks he knows the scoop

She looks like Mr Marley

She’s hot boxing, scar pussy boy, there ain’t none here

[Hot Boxin’ Baby, won’t you be my baby]
[Hot Boxin’ Baby, won’t you be my baby]

Bang, bang, bang

[Hot Boxin’ Baby, won’t you be my baby]
[Hot Boxin’ Baby won’t you be my baby tonight?]
Hot Boxin’ Baby, won’t you be my baby tonight?