Lyrics > Speedball Baby – The Jack Martin Story

Writers: Markham / Verta-Ray / Ward
(p)&© 2002 Blues Interactions, Inc.
From: Speedball Baby – The Blackout (CD, JAPAN)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Text in RED is incorrect.
The Blackout:
Three Quarter Man
Hanky-Joe Digger
Do The Blackout
Wanna Scratch It?
Pimp Hand Strong
Bee In Flight
Asphalt Blues
The Diddler
Baretta’s My Handle
Cash Cow
The Termite Speaks
Nine Eleven
The Jack Martin Story
Cash Cow (Reprise)
Lil’ Pimp
The Harmonica is in “F”
I’m Addictive
Dangerous Top
The Al Green Shuffle
Mekong Sue
Hot Boxin’ Baby
Tappin’ My Neighbah!
Pocket Fulla Fish
The Crybabies (Otis)
8 Ft. Cigaret
Wobbly Organ
He’s the man with the dangerous smile
All the ladies dig his funky style
When he walks down the street
All sideways and crooked, looking down at his feet

He’s just strutting his stuff
All siamese and shit
Watch him drop on down

‘Cause he’s got a mouth full of crickets
A mouth full of crickets
It’s the Jack Martin story
A mouth full of crickets

Coney Island
You look like you’re from Coney Island
All stylin’, from Coney Island
With his peg-legged pants
And his tailored up-tight suit
The pavement just rolls by

It’s the Jack Martin story, yeah
Will he ever go away?
I don’t think he’ll ever go away
‘Cause he’s got a story to tell
Yes, he does

Hey, here’s one
Did you ever the one about the titanium sheath?
Don’t bring it here
I can’t use it
I don’t want it
I don’t need it
I can’t use it

This one’s the Jack Martin story
It’s the Jack Martin story
All in bright lights
All in bright lights
I hear you go to bath with a Pain Teen
No, I just likes to hug people

He got a mouth full of crickets
Sideways smile
All the ladies like his style
They love his style
Love his style
It’s the Jack Martin story
It’s the Jack Martin story
Yes, it is