Lyrics > Speedball Baby – Cash Cow

Writer: Matt Verta-Ray
(p)&© 2002 Blues Interactions, Inc.
From: Speedball Baby – The Blackout (CD, JAPAN)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: Vocals by Mick Collins
The Blackout:
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Do The Blackout
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Cash Cow
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The Crybabies (Otis)
8 Ft. Cigaret
Wobbly Organ
Cash cow
Watching you undress
I love general tremble of your soft bits
The market value of your milkiness

Cash cow
Ohhh, why so blue?
Is it that everybody’s over milking you?
The milking is about to continue
‘Cause I’m so in love with you

Well, the stuff in New York is getting harder to find
Anyway, my arms are gone
But if you stick around with me and do this favour for me now
I’ll put you in my stable at the centre of the barn

Cash cow, tell me why so sad
There’s plenty others who’d be twice as bad
You are the one I always wish I had
‘Cause I’m so in love with you

Is it the jingle jangle of silver under pressure
Fifty dollars for you on the dresser
Hey, send me exchange your money for pleasure
‘Cause I’m so in love with you

Cash cow, I’m so in love with you
Cash cow, I’m so in love with you
Cash cow, I’m so in love with you
All alone