Lyrics > Speedball Baby – Blackjack

Writer: Chet Atkins
(p)&© 2002 Blues Interactions, Inc.
From: Speedball Baby – The Blackout (CD, JAPAN)
Transcribed: Pop Catastrophe
Notes: This song has lots of sound effects between the dialogue and the lyrics are dialogue between Mick Collins and Ron Ward.
The Blackout:
Three Quarter Man
Hanky-Joe Digger
Do The Blackout
Wanna Scratch It?
Pimp Hand Strong
Bee In Flight
Asphalt Blues
The Diddler
Baretta’s My Handle
Cash Cow
The Termite Speaks
Nine Eleven
The Jack Martin Story
Cash Cow (Reprise)
Lil’ Pimp
The Harmonica is in “F”
I’m Addictive
Dangerous Top
The Al Green Shuffle
Mekong Sue
Hot Boxin’ Baby
Tappin’ My Neighbah!
Pocket Fulla Fish
The Crybabies (Otis)
8 Ft. Cigaret
Wobbly Organ
I won’t talk


I won’t talk

[Oh, you gon’ talk]
I won’t talk

Jesus Christ
For Christ sakes man
For fuck’s sake

[You gonna talk now?]
I won’t talk

Let’s go
[Oh yeah]
I won’t talk
[How about this?]

Jesus Christ!
[Now you gonna talk]
I won’t talk
Wow, Jesus, loosen that up
Alright, alright, I done it