Lyrics > The Bobby Lees – Ranch Baby

Lyrics: Nick Casa
(c) The Bobby Lees
From: The Bobby Lees – Skin Suit (LP, US)
Source: Skin Suit (LP, US)
Notes: Jon Spencer produced the album Skin Suit.
There’s something creamy and white
And it’s crawlin’ out of my wife
I wish I could tell ya
That I know what it was

I hope it’s not an albino
So I don’t lose it in the snow
I hope it’s a tasty delight
Where my carrots and celery go

I hope it’s ranch baby
Ranch baby yeah
That white gold
It’s good for salads, carrots and celery
Just take a dip
If I knew how its made I probably think it’s gross
But for now, I let it drip

Ranch baby
Ranch baby
Gimme that ranch baby yeah
Some white gold