Moby Grape (LP, US)

June 1967 Columbia CL 9498
A1. Hey Grandma
A2. Mr. Blues
A3. Fall On You
A4. 8:05
A5. Come In The Morning
A6. Omaha
A7. Naked, If I Want To

B1. Someday
B2. Ain’t No Use
B3. Sitting By The Window
B4. Changes
B5. Lazy Me
B6. Indifference

Moby Grape (LP, US)
Moby Grape album featuring Naked, If I Want To which was covered Cat Power (LYRICS / RELEASE).

“At the end of A4, an announcer kindly reminds the listener to get up and change their turntable to 78 rpm, as the next song has been pressed at 78 rpm. This album actually has two grooves on the A side – there is a runout groove before track A5.”

“Folded poster included. First issues show Don Stevenson giving the “middle finger” on his washboard. The gesture was airbrushed off of the cover and poster photos on later issues.”


Rhythm Guitar/Vocals: Peter Lewis
Bass/Vocals: Bob Mosley
Lead Guitar/Vocals: Jerry Miller
Rhythm Guitar/Vocals: Skip Spence
Drums/Vocals: Don Stevenson
Producer: David Rubinson

A1. Hey Grandma
Writers: Jerry Miller, Don Stevenson
Run Time: 2:25

A2. Mister Blues
Writer: Bob Mosley
Run Time: 1:55

A3. Fall on You
Writer: Peter Lewis
Run Time: 1:50

A4. 8:05
Writers: Miller/Stevenson
Run Time: 2:17

A5. Come in the Morning
Writers: Mosley
Run Time: 2:04

A6. Omaha
Writer: Skip Spence
Run Time: 2:19

A7. Naked, If I Want To
Writer: Miller
Published: Ervenson Publishing Co. (BMI)
Run Time: 0:51

B1. Someday
Writer: Miller/Stevenson
Run Time: 2:30

B2. Ain’t No Use
Writer: Miller/Stevenson
Run Time: 1:33

B3. Sitting by the Window
Writer: Lewis
Run Time: 2:38

B4. Changes
Writer: Miller/Stevenson
Run Time: 3:13

B5. Lazy Me
Writer: Mosley
Run Time: 1:39

B6. Indifference
Writer: Spence
Run Time: 4:09

Photography: Jim Marshall


A: [unknown]
B: [unknown]