1978 Sire SRK 6051
A1. Mighty Idy
A2. Bad Attitude
A3. Watch For Me Girl
A4. Cinderella
A5. Don’t Jump Me Mother

B1. Destroyer
B2. Baby Boom
B3. Out Of Our Tree
B4. Border Line
B5. Do Not Enter
B6. From Home

DMZ album featuring Mighty Idy [LYRICS] which was covered by Yo La Tengo with Jon Spencer [LYRICS] at Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ, US on 16 December 2001.

The DMZ version can be heard on

Night Falls on Hoboken / The Last Time (Rolling Stones) / Rip This Joint (Rolling Stones) / In Motion (The Lyres) / Artificial Heart / Clumsy Grandmother Serves Delicious Dessert by Mistake / The Once Over Twice (X) / You Look Like a Jew (Pussy Galore) / I Guess I’m Falling in Love (Velvet Underground) / Twentieth Century Boy (T-Rex) / Baby Strange (T-Rex) / Like a Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan) / The Story of Jazz / Can’t Seem to Make You Mine (Seeds) / Mighty Idy (DMZ) / Emulsified (Rex Gavin & The Mighty Cravers) / Love Power (Mel Brooks) / Satellite / Alyda / By The Time it Gets Dark (Sandy Denny) / What Can I Say (NRBQ) / Borstal Breakout (Sham 69)

The Matador at 21: Young Suave Bold Rocker 10″ single released by Matador Records included a cover of the Superchunk song Slack Motherfucker by Jon Spencer with Yo La Tengo.

A. Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
Writer: Saxon
Published: Neil Music, Inc. / Purple Bottle Music, BMI
Engineer: Chuck Britz
Produced: Marcus Tybalt for Bromphton Productions
Drums: Rick Andridge
Guitar [Lead Rhythm, Twelve String]: Jan Savage
Lead Vocals / Bass / Harmonica: Sky Saxon
Piano / Organ: Daryl Hooper
Run Time: 2:31

B. I Tell Myself
Writer: Marcus Tybalt
Published by Neil Music Inc. / Purple Bottle Music, BMI
Produced: Marcus Tybalt for Bromphton Productions
Engineer: R. Valentin
Drums: Rick Andridge
Guitar: Jan Savage
Guitar [Bottleneck]: Cooker
Organ / Piano: Daryl Hooper
Vocals / Bass: Sky Saxon
Run Time: 2:25

A-Side taken from the GNP Crescendo L.P. #2023 “The Seeds”
B-Side from L.P. #2033 “A Web Of Sound”
ARTWORK: [unknown]


A: “N-3109”
B: “N-3285”